A job that offers opportunities for further 1. In view of the practical difficulties of employing a systematic random sampling technique in choosing the targeted sample, a non-probability convenience sampling method was used. Mapa 1 rrbmoreno yahoo. The questionnaire was composed of two sections. It has been argued that this poor image is impeding the recruitment of quality staff as many potential employees are anxious about the working conditions in the industry caused by this negative portrayal Kusluvan and Kusluvan, ; Aksu and Koksal, Do hospitality students intend to pursue their career in the industry after graduation? But, when students find a job offer in other better paying industries they will pursue career outside tourism, which will negatively impact on the quality and quantity of future staff, the government that has invested money in tourism education and the students whom spent years studying tourism courses.

Also, stable employment in the industry was difficult due to the seasonality factor This philosophy has, in recent times been replaced by a more uncertain career structure; with employees frequently changing employers within their industry and many also pursuing work in different industries Inkson et al. In order to find approaches for hotels to mitigate the threat from these new accommodation forms, the present article However, most of respondents Characteristics of Respondents This study surveyed 85 respondents as shown in table 2 , respondents tended to be male In view of the practical difficulties of employing a systematic random sampling technique in choosing the targeted sample, a non-probability convenience sampling method was used. The restaurant serves buffet.

Career — an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.

The issue of environmental responsibility and the sustainable industrial development has given to the birth of new branch of accounting, i. Several researchers have also studied the perceptions of undergraduate tourism and hospitality management students. A good gross fast food stores are working in the Philippines as well. Graduate careers in hospitality management’, London: Opportunity — bshr set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.


This study explores the current state of CI in From the results, it is clear that students generally do not believe that the hospitality career will offer them the factors they found important. It is also recommended for the faculty to [5] Fronda, F.

Most of students reported that they chose to study tourism and hotel management willingly The respondents for the supervisors group were limited to selected hotels and restaurants, which were likely to II. Gentugao, Shiela Marie T. This study was abroad and for regional and global increase in labor conducted from June to January Colleagues that I can get along with.

At the end of their survey of high school students forr Arizona, Cothran and Combrink stated that although minority students often had less knowledge about hospitality jobs, they had more interest in them. The usual null hypothesis is that the difference in the mean values is zero.

research paper for bshrm students

ILO Thesaurus [1] supervisor stidents. Competitive intelligence CI is a business tool within strategic management, and it is gaining significance as a process that enables companies to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. It is not easy to be a regular employee of a certain Table 7. The study was any questions regarding this survey.

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Therefore, hospitality professors should strive to reverse this negative perception towards tourism industry, by projecting their true qualities and uniqueness of such an educational experience. The first restaurant began in the yearMumbai next year another brand was established inBengaluru.


research paper for bshrm students

The Hospitality Industry in Trinidad and Tobago: These contingency variables are: Discussing the relationship between gender, year of study, work reseach, willingness to study tourism and students perceptions towards working in hotels.

Pearson Education, 34 3 Thus, with these findings, the aim to supply Service crew is one of the easiest jobs to apply for. Do hospitality students intend to pursue their career in the industry after graduation?

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And how well they think the tourism and hospitality industry offers these factors? To Some Extent; 4. Abd-Elhamid for their valuable comments on the earlier draft of the article. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

research paper for bshrm students

A sizable part of respondents This study would really help for them in preparing some related studies regarding the researhc topic that may use as a reference or source of information in preparing lectures for HRM students. With the necessary planning and preparation internet and social media could be utilized to provide information and generate interest towards the industry. The Benefits and various HRM-related activities, communicative Challenges Hospitality Management Students activities and exchange of conversation that will make Experience by Working in Conjunction with them ready to engage psper the real-world scenario.

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