Slipcover may not be incl All the old trophies are packed away. Every player should learn to shoot because, as the great coach Red Auerbach said: It is also a hard thing to learn at first, but once you learn HOW to shoot, scoring is really pretty easy. They shared a dream.

He was truly a magician with the basketball. Good drills for all age groups. Watch for excessive leaning over and unbalanced positions. They probably didn’t dig his style on Mars, either. Slipcover may not be i He’s coming out with four instructional videos, “Pete Maravich’s Homework Basketball,” featuring some of the crazy drills designed by Pete and Press, who died of cancer earlier this year. But Pistol Pete’s life was about more than basketball.

One night, during a violent thundershower, he climbed out his bedroom window and dribbled through mud puddles. Many of these movies never made it to DVD!

Just remember to encourage the inexperienced players to keep at it and to not give up. Check this box to receive an email notification when someone else comments on this page. Digital Access codes are not pege or guarenteed. He knows he made an impact but he isn’t erecting any shrines to himself. Case and artwork are included but their condition may vary. I would spend 6 to 10 hours a day there.


pete maravich homework basketball shooting

The game would have evolved anyway, but surely Pistol speeded it along, paving the way for Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and the others who continue the push it to its limits.

He scored more than 50 points 28 times. May have light surface scratches. Filmmakers Darrel Campbell and Rodney Stone go to great lengths to bring Pistol Pete fans this re-mastered sports classic, sure to be a great addition to any family movie collection. The Jazz had a big lead, but Coach Elgin Baylor was mad as hell. After high school, Pete went to Louisiana State University where his coach would be. All 4 Lessons on 1 DVD. Pete was so creative that he made every game just plain fun to watch.

Actual pics of item.

Pistol Pete’s Homework Basketball – Shooting

A good shooter in would be a good shooter today because the homeworo is the same size, the basket is at the same height and the rim is still the same diameter.

One of the best and fanciest passers and dribblers ever, he like to put on a show for the fans. Now Pete, who just turned 40, is a born-again Christian, happily married, with two sons. Digital copy or ultraviolet codes may be expired or not included.


Pistol Pete DVDs

DVD is untested, we do not test at our facility for functionality of any kind, but appears in acceptable condition. One thing has not changed much at all, however, and that is shooting.

Still no impact on Condition is Very Good. We also have a copy of The Pistol mentioned above. He was practically unstoppable! Excellent opportunity to own your favorite VHS movie. That picture at the top of this article is what Pete looked like in college.

Shoot, Shoot, Shoot!: Pistol Pete Maravich: Best Shooter Ever?

This DVD is in very good condition. He scored an average of 44 points per game for three years.

pete maravich homework basketball shooting

The kid had a gift. The Pistol is the uplifting story of a scrawny eighth grade boy whose stunning basketball skills earn him a spot on the high school team!

pete maravich homework basketball shooting

These can be intimidating to some of them. This is for the dvd,good condition light scratches. Pistol Pete’s Homework Basketball: