That is not true at all we are entering their world, they are in charge. Well the number of new species being discovered is declining. There has never been an attack. At this point the shark will either decide to move along without further interaction or he might decide to take an investigative bite. When I hear people say just kill all the sharks, I can’t help but think to want to say to them.

Writers Workshop Regular Forums. The Premier is not listening. What are some reasons sharks attack humans? The helicopters might be seeing more, but only because they are flying for longer hours. What are sharks forced to do? Still, they are encountering the threat of going extinct. This may be because bees, like sharks, are important both ecologically and economically.

Argumentative essay:Should shark finning be globally banned?

It is their job to represent us, and believe me, if they hear from enough of the people who vote for them they will be asking a lot of questions of the Premier. It is different from the ones we have done before. We might expect a corresponding rise in shark attacks.

persuasive essay shark culling

Program Links Program Reviews. The Rottnest Island diver was alone and spear fishing at the time of the attack. Sharks of the World: If schooling fish start to behave erratically or congregate in large numbers, leave the water.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Weekend West, October 15, For more information: The photographer is positioning the viewer to see the shark as a big, scary monster, and the man to be a hero for killing it… As though killing a shark is something cullingg be proud of.


So we need to not stop. Notify me of new comments via email. Although the Australian media continue to sensationalise the threat of shark attacks to swimmers, the statistics do not support these claims. The prime suspect implicated in all of these attacks is the species responsible for most fatal attacks, the white shark Carcharodon carcharias.

Email your local MP.

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Buffalo relaxes in Lake Nakuru surrounded by flamingoes. Do not swim cullibg dirty or turbid water. However, numbers of fatal shark attacks remain the same and within the expected yearly variation. Do not swim near people fishing or spear fishing. Which of your works would shaek like to tell your friends about? The medicinal value of shark fin soup persuwsive not so unique that people must eat it.

When I hear people say just kill all the sharks, I can’t help but think to want to say to them. I was inspired to right this peice when I saw images of piled up shark fins and sharks killed and lying on the dock dead. This is a difficult time. Finally, in the suspected attack on a swimmer at Cottesloe beach, the victim was said to be swimming alone a few hundred metres away from the shore in the early hours of the morning.


The number of sharks seen per hour has not changed.

Notify me of new comments via email. But is this the best way to deal with an animal whose natural environment we invade by the thousands every day? According to the research of IUCN, persuwsive of shark species are listed as endangered, vulnerable or threatened, while shark species are judged as unknown due to insufficient information.

persuasive essay shark culling

Even if a shark bites or kills a person and is then hunted to be destroyed, there is no guarantee the shark that culing found is the one responsible for the death. We try to make TeenInk. This is the most dangerous animal in the world.

Shark Culling: Not The Answer

However, the global shark finning situation is worsening. Excess sodium intake will cause high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic kidney disease Kolota,which will seriously influence the efficiency of our organs.

persuasive essay shark culling

Straight away, this highlights an issue in society the government really should be addressing. Us a humans think we are at the top of the food chain no matter where we are including the oceans the sharks have no right to attack us we are ahead of them.