The website is http: These yearly fees are charged in the first three terms of the school year. Homework is not given when families choose to take holidays during term time — our recommendation is for the child to read daily and keep a journal while away. When parent helpers or teacher assistants are working with children they are to remain in sight of a class teacher Visitors to the school are to report to the school office on arrival and wear identification while on the premises. Eggs of lice usually hatch in a week and reach maturity in approx.

The basic principles for complaint handling include respect, confidentiality and fair and impartial investigation in a timely manner. Hello Greg Likewise I am also interested in the work you are doing! All these centres collect children from the school grounds and escort them to their respective care places. Students and parents can see these homework questions on their school homework calendar without having to log in. Class Awards Teachers are encouraged to use positive reinforcement wherever possible and are free to use stickers, award cards etc.

We currently receive an allocation to provide a program in Japanese in our school. Measles Exclude for at least 4 days zhow appearance of the rash. Parent Contact forms are located in filing cabinet in Staffroom.

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All Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 children are eligible for a free bus pass to travel to and from school each day. We encourage the living out of our school motto, Veritas, or truth, in all aspects of life. Discussion of what has been read is important to ensure understanding. Within Edmodo you can upload files, post assignments, run polls and many other things. Permission will always be sought from parents before the counsellor is engaged to work with a student.


This includes the child reading and being read to by an adult. Across the year teachers take classes on excursions or have performers or incursions on the school premises. Please ring the school office to make an appointment.

It is a System requirement that child protection training be completed by all volunteers commencing work in our schools, and a briefing be held every second year for existing volunteers.

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See the School Fees page of our website for the full fees schedule. Disease Children who have the disease case Unimmunised children who are in contact with the sick child Diphtheria Exclude until receipt of a medical certificate of recovery.

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Both of these are celebrated at OLQP. It is a daily, individualised program delivered by a specialist teacher that engages children in reading books and writing their own stories. Exclude for 14 days from onset of illness or until 5 days bomework a 14 day course of antibiotics have been completed.

olqp show my homework

Our enrolment is just over students. Recent legislation requires all people working with children to complete a Child Protection Course.

No medication is to be kept in school bags other than an asthma reliever spray. Negative consequences follow negative behaviour. Hi Matt I like yourself teach i Sydney. This email is a confirmation of the successful completion of training by the volunteer.


Our choir performs at the Captivate and our homrwork school masses. Accessories All Year Round. We also support this through:. Fairness suggests that the consequences apply to all children. Literacy Support is an effective intervention programme designed to support children from Kindergarten to Year Six who need greater assistance in order to develop the appropriate literacy skills for their stage.

Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Reddit. Since Twitter was Unavailable…: As well as being shiw key learning area in its own right, English has a wider role as a means of learning in all curriculum areas. Unimmunised contacts in Primary School K-6 do not need to be excluded. I want to create a compelling, imaginative, collaborative vision for developing languages.

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Exclude from school for at least 3 weeks from ohmework onset of the whoop, until fully recovered or a medical certificate is obtained. We currently participate in an excellent swimming program offered by the Aquatic Centre at Sydney Olympic Park. Adds to the great melting pot of professional conversation.