These interviews happen on specified dates in certain locations around the country. However, having successfully won the fellowship under these circumstances, I think I have some useful advice to offer. In my opinion, it is unfortunate that most of the big fellowships are only awarded in years one and two of a doctoral degree; it was a little bit later that I was more certain of what I wanted to do. Also, depending on where you go to graduate school, it may pay less than a graduate research assistantship. Along with these two main review criteria, the NSF also is interested in creative, original, or potential transformative concepts; that the plan is well-reasoned, well-organized and based on sound rationale; that the plan incorporates a mechanism to assess success; that the applicant be qualified to conduct the proposed activities; and that there are adequate resources available for the proposed activities.

Frankly, this subject has been beaten to death by other people; here are some good reference links: The application consists of two essays and three recommendation letters. Applicants who have advanced to the last round say that the second round is much more difficult than the first. I found that reading sample essays was very helpful, especially because of how political the NSF fellowship was and still is see the “broader impacts” part of the application. Area of specialization — Describe your area of specialization, if any, within your chosen discipline. My best advice in crafting your essays is to leverage your past research experience and tie in your existing skill sets to what you propose as a research project. Adrian Chi-Yan Liu

What are granting organizations looking for? Within the DoD, each military branch will provide their specific allotment for research they find important.

As the Hertz Fellowship has a strong focus on the application of the physical sciences, you should be sure to have ndsdg basic knowledge in a variety of areas related to physics, chemistry, and mathematics. It does not require a typical research proposal and personal statement, but instead breaks up the information typically included in these essays over a series of specific questions. However, it only funds 15 people.


Your experience leadership, teaching, etc has to be condensed to hundreds of characters that is not a lot of space. This post is a bit long so a quick comparison below.

Tips for specific fellowships

Students should pay particularly close attention to the area of specialization section shown below: This year, I used Data processing and heterogeneous computer systems. Below is a sample personal statement organization please also see general information on personal statements above: In practice, when you fight tooth and nail to squeeze your essay ndesg exactly two pages for NSFcutting it down to less than a page usually requires a different pitch altogether. Can you actually carry out the needed research?

The application consists of two essays and three recommendation letters. Do you have a plan that is well-reasoned, well-organized and based on sound rationale?

Do you touch on the intellectual merit advancing knowledge and broader impact benefit society of your proposed research? The NSF requires several pages of essays, and the Hertz requires an in-person interview if you make it that far.

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The Hertz if a very prestigious fellowship offered by a private foundation. Below is a sample personal statement organization please also see ezsay information on personal statements above:. With built in measures of success? However, having successfully won the fellowship under these circumstances, I think I have some useful advice to offer.


Questions on a variety of topics feplowship be asked during these interviews from your understanding of mathematical equations to moral and ethical issues.

It is a good place to indicate how you plan to make a broader impact on society. The second essay is your research proposal. How would answering this research question change science Intellectual Merit or society Broader Impacts? The actual application is rather standard, but again students should pay attention to showcasing that they are a patriotic American and that they are astute at the application of the physical sciences.

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Three reviewers will read your application and rank you on the two review criteria. The unique part of the application process is that it is one of only a few external fellowship opportunities that require a two stage interview process.

Also make sure to have your mentors read over your research proposal to give feedback on its feasibility.

ndseg fellowship essay

It shows you already have a foundation to carry out the research. As such, you should be thinking of one of these institutions when you write you application letter.

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Looking back, the NSF was a really long application. A better explanation of the scoring system is found here https: Application content and research proposed for this opportunity should have at least some military applications.

Philip Guo hammers this point on his website; I highly recommend reading his article on the topic. Below is a list of questions you should ask yourself when preparing your research statement: