The grant of permission to use data in your thesis does not give you the right to use the data for other purposes without permission. The reference style shall follow the SchoolCollege format. Patents protect inventions — that is, creations or discoveries, which are new, not obvious and useful. The guidelines are not intended to replace independent legal advice, nor are they intended to promote restrictions on the openness that normally characterizes intellectual discourse within the University. It applies to many things: Revised Preface The intent of this booklet, prepared by the School of Graduate Studies, is to address issues associated with intellectual property that arise in the most varied of circumstances, across all settings at the University of Toronto in which graduate education occurs. Accordingly, this document highlights the similarities – and distinctions – between the applications of intellectual property policies to individuals in various categories.

Supervisor Defence Date Convocation Ceremony Deadline Dates refer to the sessional dates in SGS calendar for submission deadlines for ceremonies, choose the appropriate ceremony – fall or spring. The fact that a co-worker is not named as an investigator in a grant or contract under which the work was performed should not prevent him or her from being given credit as a co-author. Sometimes however, misunderstandings arise about the rights or obligations that students have with the University, the supervisor and other colleagues, a granting agency providing research support, or others with an interest in the research. In this case, you should be named as a joint inventor in any patent application. If your work was done as part of an ongoing research project, it should be expected that your results can be used, with appropriate attribution, in furthering the research activities of the supervisor and others working in the same laboratory or research group e.

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Patents protect inventions — that is, creations or discoveries, which are new, not obvious and useful. Contributors to the original ideas in a project are typically given the right of joint authorship of publications that report on the results of subimssion research. Disagreements submiesion rights to senior or first authorship can be difficult to resolve.


If materials have been made available for your study by an external source, a material transfer agreement may also be applicable. Both policies are administered by the Office of the Vice-President, Research.

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Using a question and answer format, this document provides general guidelines for the conduct of such research. The guidelines are not intended to replace independent legal advice, nor are they intended to promote restrictions on the openness that normally characterizes intellectual discourse within the University. Like many legal instruments, the effectiveness of copyright and patent rights often depends on the willingness of owners to enforce their rights.

Un i versi t y of Toronto polic i es relevant to inte l lectual p r operties. In addition, all students, graduate or undergraduate, are governed by specific University policies.

However, a requisite of co-authorship is work that involves an original contribution as understood by that discipline. If problems still persist, you can seek help from the appropriate associate dean or vice-dean of your Faculty or your Faculty Graduate Affairs office. Kun is the responsibility of every student and supervisor to be aware of these policies and to be sure that they are engaged in research in a manner that is consistent with them.

Whenever you are a co-author of a published work, you also have a responsibility to understand the work in its entirety and to object to any mischaracterizations or misuse of the data. There, a “joint author” is technically someone who has collaborated on a work in which the contributions of the various authors are not distinct from one another.

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At the outset of the project, your supervisor should disclose these restrictions to you and the advisory committee and determine if the work is suitable for thesis research. School of Graduate Studies sgs final thesis submission sheet. Nevertheless they can be sys and potentially valuable outcomes of academic research.

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However, students should be aware that some professors may claim the right of first authorship for themselves. Still other organizations, such as some charitable associations or foundations, or provincial Centres of Excellence e. In most cases, the University would not solely own a copyright work or invention created by a graduate student. Similarly, to the extent that your thesis utilizes publications arising from your research team or quotes major sections of publications, it may be necessary to obtain permission from the copyright holder.


The Canadian Copyright Act provides that the author of a work is the first owner of copyright. The Graduate School will not accept a paper copy of the thesis or report, although the students graduate department or program may require one. See Question 9, below, with respect to dispute resolution mechanisms. Note, however, that the terms of research funding that supported the invention’s development may also apply; see Question 4 below.

Ordinarily, a student will have no claim to his or her supervisor’s or instructor’s work unless the student is a joint author or joint inventor.

If each person’s contribution is distinct e.

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What are the University of Toronto’s Policies regarding intellectual property? Experience has taught us that early discussion of matters relating to intellectual property can help the participants establish comfortable collaborations and minimize conflict.

If the disclosure indicates that you made use of another institution’s facilities or funds, the institution receiving your disclosure will send a copy of it, in confidence, to the other institution. What is intellectual property? Indeed, a student’s research may be guided by a team or committee.

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Canadian Intellectual Property Office. When the thesisdissertationreport has been accepted by the School of Graduate Studies, instructions will be given to proceed with the binding of the required number of copies. If it has been disclosed in an article, a seminar or even in a conversation not covered by a confidentiality agreement before that filing, it will not qualify for a patent in most countries.