You can’t upload files to a directory without the editor. If you want, also you can revert the upgrade, there is no difference on data used. Highest score you can get on sat essay. So, it’s the end for this option for me internal jail server. Also, this is an appropriate time because at present the web API can be developed with little effort.

I believe that this is resource-related or do I need to install something on the jail server? OR alternative option How can I organize multiple VPL activities into some kind of group so that the course page has less entries? Was this the source server of Moodle, or the receiving server of a student? Develop a payment processing system for Moodle which could handle initial as well as monthly payments for the courses. Can i get it working in version 2.

Then this file is compiled and the app started. Until then I can use a small server outside our network.

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I think, based on the screenshots, that you forget to mlodle the code. We use it in specific assessment programs that allow different assigning to each student.

VPL works, I can run tests. When using similarity checking some things are straight forward, like selecting the files and interpreting the results side-by-side. Or would it be better to add the features of a question list and question draw randomly choosing one or more questions in the assignment plugin?

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You can try to disable “Only send digest of the day” for your test-student if you want to send the mails directly. I don’t know the load issues that can arise with this configuration. Actually the first file was left empty I assumed it will be filled by predefined file contentbut second file had correct name. The student has not set any preferences for the digest delivery or has disabled it If you don’t have the possibility of use another dedicated machine as “execution jail server”, you might use a virtualization software, as VirtualBox, to install there the “execution server”.


I have tried to run “Hello world” C program according to your guidence given, but I’m receiving an access denied message as show in the picutre.

moodle fcc homework

The easyest way to set the new applet is replacing the corresponding jar file. I did see connection error message 3 times during the batch processing, but it seems moodl those students were the ones who did get updated. You don’t need to reinstall a fresh OS, it is secure running the installation repeatedly.

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These changes require for a smooth operation that you keep updated Java tcc the last version. When I have spare time I’ ll test it and I will say something about it. Debate research paper Big business lesson plan. When the evaluation runs, the time shown is 4 hours ahead of our local time. If you don’t get the expected answer, please, ask again attaching the offending code.

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Enjoy VPL Best regards. To reproduce the network problem, please, send me your activity and the code needed to run the offending program. You can run it more often to decrease the time until mail delivery.


Hello Aivar, thanks for your bug report. We are writing some documentation regarding the most cryptic features on the VPL for our courses in here and I have been inspecting a lot the code homeworj this on similarity and watermarking. There were issues in the mail server. Java tend to use a large amount of virtual memory, in 64 bits systems Omodle maps easily more than 2Gb, in 32 bits systems the size of virtual memory that Java needs can be superior to Mb.

I hope that this help.

moodle fcc homework

I have checked in the mail server, there is no email about that notificiation. They may get a bad grade without explanation. My Moodle is not in debug mode. I have a simply python 3 program called test2. And Squid doesn’t allow WebSocket connections.

If you have developed another kind of applet, please, give us more details to understand the problem and help to resolve it.