Each recipient of a graduate degree is invited to hold an exit interview with the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research for the purpose of program evaluation. Students preparing a thesis or dissertation must work closely with their advisor and other examining committee members at all stages of development. Doctoral programs have additional requirements concerning who is eligible to serve on a student’s committee. Each thesis is bound in a maroon color. Affix these to a full sheet of appropriate paper or provide self-adhesive pockets for them to be included in the thesis copies. Please consult the University’s policies concerning graduate and research faculty appointments http:

The abstract should be no more than words in length and include the following: Examining Committees A Graduate Committee supervises a student’s program and the completion of the capstone experience. A maximum of six thesis credits can be applied to a graduate program. Students receiving financial aid excluding non-federally funded University graduate assistantships must abide by federal, state, and institutional policies, including but not limited to, satisfactory academic progress standards. A completed Human Participants Research Form must be submitted and approved prior to data collection.

They can be a slightly smaller font, but still readable. Students can arrange for a bound copy to be printed, but bound copies are not required by the College of Graduate Studies and Research if the document is submitted to UMI via the Internet.

All such research, whether or not federally funded, shall be reviewed in accordance with federal regulations requiring review at the institutional level.

Each recipient of a graduate degree is invited to hold an exit interview with the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research for the purpose of program evaluation. All submitted materials must meet the approved manual of style for the student’s program.


Postcards and Brochures typically for art and music students. The paper must be submitted unbound with no punch holes or other mutilations.

Capstone Projects

As part of a regular course in which case no discrete credit is given for the alternate plan paper; As part of an internship or practicum in which case the experiences are cataloged, evaluated and presented in written form as an alternate plan paper; or As one or two credits earned in the course entitled “Alternate Plan Paper Research.

Binding and Distribution of Copies. A current roster of the graduate faculty is posted here. If a thesis is submitted after the deadline for a semester, but before classes begin the next semester, the one-credit enrollment requirement will be waived for the next semester, provided the student is enrolled during guielines current semester.

mnsu thesis guidelines

Additional information – Degrees will be posted to students’ transcripts as soon as possible after the end of each semester. While there are no time requirements, normally the examination requires a minimum of one hour and not usually more than two hours.

Format & Style Guidelines

Other members of the committee must also be members of the Graduate Faculty. The student must also have maintained a 3. Visual quality must meet acceptable standards. A Thesis Proposal must be approved by the student’s examining committee prior to thesos collection.

A final oral comprehensive examination, often referred to as a defense, must be successfully completed. Margins and page number placement should be as follows.

mnsu thesis guidelines

A signed endorsement page is then required to be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies. Explain how you will complete your project using what medium.

Guidslines details as to how each of the following will be handled; include cost estimates where appropriate: State the date when this application was submitted to the IRB administrator for review and IRB log number if known ,nsu this time. The thesis is oriented more toward original research, data gathering with statistical analysis, theory testing and theory building, whereas the alternate plan paper involves the usage of secondary research sources.


No corrections with pen or pencil are acceptable.

Copies on standard copier paper will not be accepted. Individual programs may have additional policies and regulations concerning comprehensive examination. See Research Involving Participants or Animals. All graduate programs must include a minimum of one research methods or statistics course of at least two credits. Students must pass in all sub-areas to qualify and may retake the examination once.

Thesis Proposal Guideline

All papers, whether submitted online or delivered to the College of Graduate Studies, are reviewed to ensure that margins, paper, typing, printing, neatness, etc. Additionally, the candidate must complete or meet all special requirements established by the student’s examining committee and approved by the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research.

Ordinarily, the thesis is oriented toward original research, data gathering with statistical analysis, theory testing, and theory building. As appropriate, provide details as to how specific sources of pertinent literature, specific equipment and cooperating agency approval will be handled.

mnsu thesis guidelines

For specific requirements of the College of Graduate Studies for submission of a thesis or dissertation, see Format and Style Guidelines.