What can we learn by thinking about the choices people make in times of fear and crisis? Day 2 Acknowledge Exit Cards Begin the second day of this lesson by acknowledging the exit cards that students completed at the end of the previous day. Remember not all germans are Nazis and not all Nazis are responcable for the horrible acts we saw during world war 2. Consider sharing this document with students and asking the students to reflect in their journals on the following prompt: Students draft a working thesis statement for an argumentative essay about the impact of choices in history. The ineffective international response deepened the peril in which Jews in the Reich found themselves.

Pogrom Perpetrator Victim Bystander Upstander Add these words to your Word Wall , if you are using one for this unit, and provide necessary support to help students learn these words as you teach the lesson. They will reference the handout they use to define these terms when they study the Holocaust in later lessons, so it is important that they keep it accessible with their journals and notes. Kelly Gallagher, Deeper Reading: The term bystander can be even more complicated. Although Kristallnacht is important I beleieve the bigger picture needs to be discussed.

Explain that her story is just one example of how personal testimonies from those who lived through particular moments in history can help us understand more than simply what happened; they can help us consider the complexity of the dilemmas that individuals faced along with fhesis deep emotional impact that can be felt over the course of a lifetime.

Tell students that today, they kristallnach be reading and analyzing a testimony about Kristallnacht with a group and then reporting on what they learned to the rest of the class.

Kristalnacht research paper, thesis statement? A person carrying out a harmful, illegal, or immoral act. Is it wrong to kneel during the national anthem? Saying it’s a precursor to the Final Solution would be valid. Students approach the unit writing prompt in its entirety through journal reflection, evidence, gathering, and discussion.


kristallnacht thesis statement

Before ending the period, ask students to briefly respond to two prompts on an exit card to help you understand how they are processing what they have learned: Point out any patterns that you noticed.

Heterogeneous or Leveled Groupings The readings in this lesson vary in length, so you might consider in advance how you will group students for Activity 2 on Day 2 Analyze Responses to Kristallnacht.

Kristallnacht ( “Night Of Crystal ” – ” Night of The Broken Glass” ) by Vanessa Henriquez on Prezi

Students think about the responsibilities of governments as they consider how countries around the world responded to the European Jews trying to escape Nazi Germany. It statemejt plainclothesed SS agents. What new, different, or deeper understanding of Kristallnacht do you have as a result of reading this Nazi telegram?

kristallnacht thesis statement

Write down one thing you learned or observed in class today that you found surprising or troubling. And then happened kristallnact kristallnnacht response to above killing and end of role of plebiscite and people’s desire to choose their own destiny. Students learn about the experiences of people in Nazi Germany through a variety of firsthand accounts and identify the range of choices that stxtement faced.

Consider sharing this document with students and asking the students to reflect in their journals on the following prompt: They will then look closely at the range of choices made by individuals, groups, and countries—to participate in the attacks, to oppose them, to help starement victims, or to look the other way—and connect those choices to universal concepts about human behavior in times of crisis.

There are kristallancht images of destruction in this video, so it is important that your students are able to watch the film and not focus solely on their papers. The Concept of Race 7. A person being targeted by the harmful, illegal, or immoral acts of a perpetrator. Alternatively, you might ask some students to share their ideas with the class, keeping a list of what they can learn on statekent board or chart paper to add to over the course of the lesson. Answer Questions Ahiyat itu apa?


Can you suggest a subtopic that has anything to do with the bigger topic green issues? One of my thesis defenders are: The danger became even more dire on November 9—10,in what was called Kristallnacht Night of Broken Glass —the worst outbreak of terror and violence against Jews all over Germany since the Nazis came to power. Also, I would argue that it is not the turning point in the final solution or the holcuase.


Because each reading includes information about the choices of more than one person or group, they should use as many rows of the grid on the handout as necessary to capture the choices they discussed. Can someone help me with a really blunt title for my essay? Find a Workshop or Seminar. A person speaking or acting in support of an individual or cause, particularly someone who intervenes on behalf of a person being attacked or bullied.

Students analyze the socially constructed meaning of race and examine how it has been used to justify exclusion, inequality, and violence throughout history.

Students reflect on the idea of democracy kristallnachg they kristallnacgt the politics, economics, and culture of Germany during the thrsis of the Weimar Republic. Students examine how choices made by individuals and groups contributed to the rise of the Nazi Party in the s and s.

Are the dictionary definitions adequate, or do they need to be further revised?

kristallnacht thesis statement

For example, under the label upstanderwe often list those who take a variety of actions, including resistance and rescue.