HYSYS will find the correct value by iterations. This equation is quite adequate when the pressure is low such as one atmosphere. On the Connections page, enter the following information: The Tray Sizing window should appear. The process is operated at atmospheric pressure, and pressure drops are ignored. Figure Working with Simulation Flowsheet Once you have specified the components and fluid package, and entered the simulation environment, you will see the view as shown in Figure Figure What can you conclude from this graph?

Activate the Reaction Set to make it available for use in the flowsheet. Here you can change the name of the case or its tag, or, on the Notes Page, you can write the description that appears next to the file name in the Open dialog window. During an initial setup, the components and the fluids package that will be used will be selected. Reference [6] studied process simulation of crude oil stabilization: Perhaps even more important is how the HYSYS approach to modeling maximizes your return on simulation time through increased process understanding. When entering the conditions for a stream, it is not necessary to enter the values in the default units provided. Select the Critical tab.

Otherwise, the input window will have a yellow message bar at the bottom of the window indicating what information is missing.

The process flow diagram of the system was successfully developed. Input Stream Flowrate Specification Once all of the stream information has been entered, HYSYS hyeys calculate the remaining properties and data provided it has enough information from the rest of the flowsheet. The various components that comprise HYSYS provide an extremely powerful approach to steady state modeling.


Let us put to use the concepts I taught in my transfer basis example and pick the transfer bases for these streams. If you press the Delete button at the bottom, it will delete the whole Scenario and there is no way of getting it back without repeating the whole chart all over again. Another palette appears with four reactor types: The only unit operation contained in the Absorber is the Tray Section, and the only streams are the overhead vapor and bottom liquid products.

This is due to the fact that the specification was added as an estimate, not as an active specification. Click the Add Spec s button.

hysys 8.4 case study

This observation is dase conformity with the finding of [6] who observed that increase in feed flow rate increased the product RVP. There are several methods for the Expander to solve, depending on what information has been specified.

Return to the Simulation Basis Manager 2. There is also an excellent example showing how it can be done between the main flowsheet and a sub-flowsheet with a refrigeration loop in Section Recovery is usually done to: This arises because in a low efficient pump, more energy is needed to pump the liquid to get the same outlet pressure of a more efficient pump. The enthalpy is the combined feed enthalpy plus or minus the duty. Just follow what the message wants, for example, the first thing that you need to supply is compositions.

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Log In Sign Up. Adding streams and unit operation 6. This is known as the Object Palette. Its effluent is cooled to 65 oF and fed to a separator flash.


hysys 8.4 case study

Modify the process by adding a heat exchanger. Then click on Parameters.

Thus, in order to maintain an optimum net profit at the specified sales specification of product RVP of 83 kPa, the heat flow should be kept at 7. Before proceeding, you should taking care of hyays few features of this simulation window: Add another Material Stream with the following data: A hypothetical component can be used to model czse components, defined mixtures, undefined mixtures, or solids.

CSTR Figure 7. Then, turn this into a template. You will be using a hypothetical component to model the component in the 88.4 mixture heavier than hexane. Now, let us pretend that this flowsheet represents not an entire process, but merely a section of the plant we wish to model.

The components involved in the simulation process were characterized into pure and pseudo component and were selected from the simulator data base.

hysys simulation case study

Tavan, A novel application of reactive absorption to break the CO2— ethane azeotrope with low energy requirement, Energy Conversion and Management. Activate the Reaction Set to make it available for use in the flowsheet.

Install the Pre-Heater unit, using the Heat-exchanger model, with Feed and Pre-Heat as the sfudy inlet and outlet streams, and with R-Prod1 and R-Prod2 as the shell- side inlet and outlet streams.