Initially, students will be introduced to key comparative studies that have shaped the face of the discipline. Gender and Human Rights. The module is intended to address some of the conceptual and practical questions that emerge from these comparative studies. If you fail or defer your overall assessment in an option module, you will be offered an opportunity to undergo assessment at the time of the August repeat examinations. This module is designed to address these issues: Students will focus on a.

What Is Political Science and Sociology? Bear in mind anyone who signs up after the 8 6h of September is unlikely to get their first choice. Initially, students will be introduced to key comparative studies that have shaped the face of the discipline. Many people tend to think of sexuality exclusively in terms of the natural, biological and unchanging patterns of thought and action. See below for details. Apply theoretical ideas to understanding Common-Pool Resource management in Ireland.

Women were confined to work within the household, and men were responsible for external economic and political activity. Btw, the 19th amendment is not also called the Voting Rights Act of November 26, Teleological essay does god exist essay Lucas: The European Politics esssy interrogates strategic changes since the end of the Cold War, the re-unification of Germany, then some forms of European nationalism; it goes on to examine what different European esay show about developments in democracy and potential populist threats to it.

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The latest date for submitting the final essay will be announced at the beginning of the semester. The Core Modules contribute to a more in-depth understanding of society and politics in both the Irish and international contexts. The course will commence with an exploration of the definitions of nation, ethnicity, nation-states and nationalisms from the pre-modern era slc the global present.

essay entry form nuig soc and pol

We examine the different priorities that are expressed, contrasting economistic with feminist, humanistic and environmental approaches. This aim of this module is to which provide an introduction to the social and political context of advocacy and activism, linking the national and international contexts for the rise of advocacy and activism.


It is offered in semester 2 only, and it is a requirement of the module that applicants will have completed one of the Option Modules on offer in semester 1. Readings for the module will be built around a number of core books and additional texts available in the Library. Understanding Strangers Dssay Edmondson. In that context it considers the origins of the state, the issues that divided its people nujg brought them to a state of virtual war, and the new, consociational form of ‘shared governance’ which lies at the heart of the Belfast Agreement, the anchor document which underpins its current representative and governmental structures.

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The discussion of these three areas gives rise to sociological, political and ethical questions, which are explored and discussed. We will end this section by discussing the influence of the cultural norms and values on the sexuality research.

The agrarian question — or how capitalism alters the distribution of farmland, the shape of social classes and rural class relations — has long attracted the attention of social scientists. The social and political forces of conformity and conflict, of regulation and resistance are examined.

The main objectives of the course are: Environmentalism as a form of social organisation and its contributions to contemporary life and debates on sustainability will receive particular attention. This module provides an introduction to the contemporary Irish administrative system.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights or the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women ; the role of states, the ways in which they are, or can be, held accountable or not and their relation to human rights monitoring institutions e.


The Sociology of Sexuality. Nearby are the main tourist attractions and museums, while we are a breath away from the Concert Hall and the cosmopolitan market of Kolonaki.

Essay entry form nuig soc and pol

The family and its role will underpin all dsicussion on childhood issues with a focus on how best to respond to the needs of children enyry young people. Korean Politics Pete Morriss. You can download it to your phone or laptop, but make sure that you can refer to it easily throughout the year.

ONE approximately 5, word essay in two parts: Women, Men and the Economy: Please note that venues and times for these proposed modules are subject to change.


We will commence by looking at the main definitions and classifications of Common-Pool Resources so students understand what they are and the forms they may take. There will be a revision and exam preparation session at the end of each part of the module.

This module offers an introduction to political and philosophical debates in welfare. The lecture based modules are examined by end of semester Sco examinations and the seminar module is examined by continuous assessment.


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The aim of this course is to introduce students to the contemporary sociological theories pertaining to nationalism. Are all states following a similar pattern of muig policy and politics? Theories of the Welfare State.

Irish Admininstrative System Michelle Millar. Module description for SP