Guide and interpreter services. And it is not quite clear, whether it is Navruz or the warm spring sun that makes people actually brighter and kinder , but they really become so, and each longs to return to their roots, feeling happy at seeing new green grass and the smallest awakening bugs, in a word, loving with all their heart their own life and the New one that is just beginning around them. Navruz is a holiday, which is being waited for impatiently, because it’s the end of the harsh winter, the beginning of a new life when in advance there are only warm sunny days. Unlike the western New Year traditions, Navruz is celebrated during daytime hours within the family circle. Later, “the spring” New Year became popular among the majority of peoples of Central Asia, not only Iranian-speaking, but also Turkish, who was influenced by Zoroastrian culture. This is my first time I have read about Nowruz. Enjoy proficient navruz in uzbekistan essay essay writing and custom writing services provided by professional academic writers Dance company specializing in the Essay on attentiveness dance traditions of navruz in uzbekistan essay central Asia.

Crowds make an effort to touch this special pole. What do you want? In addition, they also sing and dance and hold various activities such as horse racing, Buzkashi and wrestling. I should take you, and seek no wife. Persian name What it is What it symbolises somaq a bright red spice made from crushed berries sunrise and the spice of life sonbol hyacinth spring sekeh coins prosperity senjed the sweet dry fruit of the lotus tree love seeb apples health and beauty samanu a sweet pudding made from wheat the sweetness of life sabzeh sprouted wheat grass rebirth and the renewal of nature Some other symbolic objects are placed on the table, depending on the traditions of each family. Many Nowruz traditions have survived until today. They celebrate around a special table in their house.

Navruz is one of the most treasured holidays in Uzbekistan. Newroz or Nawroz refers to the celebration of the traditional Iranic peoples new year holiday of Nowruz in Kurdish society.


essay about nowruz holiday in uzbekistan

On the day of Navruz, ceremonies are performed to cajole the natural forces and spirits of ancestors into assuring a successful new year. With the first taste of sumalak, you should make a wish. This holiday, called Sham el Nessim, is thought to have its roots in ancient Egypt, when it was celebrated at the spring equinox just like Navruz.

Spread the seeds and cover them with gauze, and rinse it everyday three times with water. Please fill anout all the fields marked with an asterisk.

Central Asia has its own Navruz traditions. If they succeed, the owner must treat them generously; however, if they fail, they must treat the owner. The longevity of Navruz and other spring uzbekidtan indicates the significance still attached to the beginning of a new agricultural year and the triumph of life and warmth over the long cold winter.

There are many traditions, precisely handed down from one generation to another, which are coupled with this aabout.

Navruz Holiday

In their excitement they ran to the pot and found it filled with a most succulent porridge. Accompanied by the exciting and rapid music, young men and girls enjoy singing and dancing. Ho,iday has been celebrated for at least 2, years, and perhaps for as long as 5, years. By reading this article,I can know different festivals around the world. According to popular belief, the first guest of the New Year should have a soft and good character, a good sense of humor, a kind name and reputation, and most importantly – to have a “happy foot”, that is, to bring stroke to the house.

In most of the Silk Road countries, Navruz announces the joyful awakening of nature after winter and the beginning of the agricultural cycle of cultivating, planting, and harvesting. Remove the gauze from the sprouted wheat. Children are the primary beneficiaries of the festivities and take part in a number of activities, such as decorating hard-boiled eggs.

Nowruz is the traditional Iranian festival of spring which starts at the exact moment of the vernal equinox, commencing the start of the spring. When nowruz come all People are happy and want to shopping to wear new things in new year.


The dishes that are invariably found on the holiday table are pilaf also spelled pilaff, plov, pilau, pilav, polow, pulaw, pulaoshurpaboiled mutton and kok-samsa pasties filled with young herbstogether with food symbolising revival and a new life, such as sprouting wheat grains, boiled eggs and others.

He quoted a line of Babur’s love poetry: They celebrate around a special table in their house.

Navruz – the New Year by the natural calendar

As with the celebration of the Chinese New Year, there are traditions associated with the first visitor to the house during Navruz. Ekaterina Kuz Photos of Navruz: Uzbekista 18A, Zaynabetdinova str. People pay visits and welcome guests, using Navruz as a time to share what they have with others.

She rubbed her eyes, and when she opened them again, she saw them licking their fingers. Guest houses Budget choice of accomodation.

Navruz in uzbekistan essay

Over the centuries traditions of different nations to hold Navruz adapted to their way of life and ideology. At the beginning of the seven to ten days, wash the wheat. On March 21, Kazakh and Kyrgyz households fumigate their homes with smoke from the burning of archa twigs a coniferous tree of Central Asian that grows mainly in mountainous areas.

For them, it was as if the powers of light had overcome the powers of darkness, allowing the earth to awaken ib life to be rekindled. Before then, the exchange of lovers’ messages on commercial radio and television stations was a growing trend in the secular country where most people are Muslim.

essay about nowruz holiday in uzbekistan