Here is a night out at the theater to say a huge thanks to both u and Kevin for this incredible guidance. You might have heard of the Kazarian v. Argue that the evidence in the approved cases is not stronger than your supporting evidence. Where can i buy cheapest Chantix online, he wants you all to have. This sample is designed to serve as a loose outline.

These pieces of evidence are based on comparison of the applicant player and typical players in NHL, proving that the applicant has risen to the top of his endeavor. The Reference Letters Recommendation Letters and Application Cover Letter For EB1 Extraordinary Ability application, an alien applicants needs to have four to five reference letters also called recommendation letters from experts in a field attesting to the alien’s significant contributions to the field and national or international reputation in the field. Thanks to u and Kevin! Although USCIS tried to downplay comparison to other approved cases in the same field of endeavor, the court pointed out that the agency rules themselves make comparison with others in the field the controlling standard for awarding extraordinary ability status. With examples in every section of strong and compelling evidence we show how you can further prove your intent to continue working in your field as well as proving your benefit to the USA. The United States academic community and our community at large will profit greatly by scientists of the stature of Dr. Sections of this page.

Doe is an internationally known professor, with outstanding ability, in the field of X. Evidence Ideas to complete your O1 Visa Case. Your application requires that you back up your petition letter with evidence. If you have any questions, samole free to contact me at Based on the foregoing, we submit that Dr.

Sample Letters in Support of EB-1 Outstanding Professors and Scholars – | Immigration Attorneys

Precautions — Some things to avoid. Kennesaw State University KSUthe third-largest university in the University System of Georgia, is a comprehensive university with expanding undergraduate and graduate programs in Kennesaw, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.


If applying from abroad we lead you to America with our in-depth guide on Consular Processing. It is a paper application, designed to allow you prove your eligibility to live and work in the United States, to create art and benefit its people and culture. We give you a strong overview of the whole process so that you are ready to begin your application with a clear view of the wample line.

In this permanent position, he will maintain an active scholarship program and will participate fully—and with distinction—teaching both undergraduate and graduate education, serving as a lefter role model for our students. Immigration officers with bachelor’s or higher degrees will usually read these letters. Where can i buy cheapest Chantix online, he wants you all to have.

That is how our approvals grew from in to more than 3, in Kennesaw State University has every intention of employing Dr. They may not know the alien’s field, but they do spend most working days evaluating and synthesizing information and drawing conclusions.

eb1 cover letter sample

Paragraph requesting that the O-1 classification be granted. Paragraph that establishes your own credentials as an expert in the field. To succeed in an all paper application you need strong paper evidence, we show you how to build your portfolio. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Also, the EB1-Extraordinary Ability application should include a application cover letter, which should be used as a summary letter discussing the following items: From there, he proceeded to obtain his advanced degrees—MS.

With examples in every section of strong and compelling evidence we show how you can further prove your intent to continue working in your field as well as proving your benefit to the USA. Ark, if your intentions are truly peaceful, explain yourself.


Make your Petition Letter More Convincing — How Should you Argue your EB1-A Case?

I got my Green Card!! This first section xover everything you need to know about how the EB1-EA works, what all is involved, and when each step takes place. Choosing the phraseology that will connect you with your examiner.

eb1 cover letter sample

Doe has been extraordinarily prolific in his research writing, having 52 articles published in international, peer-reviewed journals and books, as well as 53 articles included in conference proceedings, and 7 more works submitted for publication.

With our exceedingly large number of successful petitions, no matter what credentials you have, no matter your background and field of expertise, no matter your visa lettr or nationality, chances are we have helped hundreds or covwr thousands of clients just like you. Learn to Surf with Surfing Lessons on the Gold Coast with World Champion surfer Cheyne Horans School of Samppe Jan 23, nbsp 32Sample Letter of Support for Outstanding ProfessorResearcherThis sample is provided only with the purposes of serving as guidance on Our aim is to provide creative amp concerned people a platform amp audience, archive of thoughts amp celebration of actions for change.

eb1 cover letter sample

The hard work is out of the way! See US government advice here.

For example, if evidence of citations is deemed as a good support for extraordinary ability in an approved case, your citations of can be argued sufficient to support your case. Coover visa Travel Company. Webinar — What is extraordinary and how do I prove it.

Sections of this page. The forms for the actual green card: