If are not in the Los Angeles area or are otherwise not able to come to campus, please schedule an appointment anyway and include a note in the Special Note section that you would like to email your manuscript to the reviewer. This would be an out-of-pocket expense for the student. Candidates are encouraged to schedule a meeting with a Library Reference Liaison or stop by the first floor of Library North for a drop-in library consultation for help with references, citations, and issues related to plagiarism. While they may answer questions about grammatical issues, our Writing Consultants are more concerned with the structure and content of your writing. Enrollment in UNIV provides the student with very limited access to Cal State LA facilities and no access to student employment or student funding. Deadline to upload complete draft of dissertation for official review. The Cal State LA Commencement website is a great resource for details about dates, times, locations, tickets, programs, grad fair, and more.

Students may schedule appointments and register for events in the Graduate Resource Center through an online scheduling system. When submitting to ProQuest, please keep in mind that the manuscript is not final until you receive an “Accepted” email from our office. Most candidates will use Microsoft Word to compose and format their thesis, project report, or dissertation. Students must apply for graduation well in advance of the date they wish to graduate; the Graduation Application is due to the Graduation Office by the deadline stated on their website. Deadline to upload completed dissertation for official review. Some common style manuals include:.

Suggested edits from the preliminary review will be incorporated into this draft.

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We work directly with your document. See Submission page for further information. Candidates may opt to use a citation manager to organize and format their references. Graduate Thesis, Project, and Dissertation Guidelines. Tables and figures are numbered consecutively, and in separate geview, and conform to department or style manual guidelines.


csula thesis review

Dissertations will not be approved by the University until the GS is received. Students may not file the thesis or dissertation during Winter Intercession. Reviewers may request changes to the thesis as late as this date; Candidates are expected to be available to make changes until then.

ProQuest will send an automated email to your Reviewer that you have revised your submission. Some common style manuals include: If you seek additional feedback on your writing, we encourage you to meet with one of our consultants in the Graduate Writing Studio. If the Committee has requested edits to content, this is the final day to submit the edited dissertation to the ProQuest ETD Administrator website.

Most candidates will submit a completed, Committee-approved thesis by this deadline. Please consult with the Cashier’s Office for more information regarding fees.

Graduate Thesis, Project, and Dissertation Guidelines

Yes, there are four deadlines you must meet each quarter, which are posted on the Deadlines page. Select the thsis you would like to attend from the list below the calendars.

How do I request a preliminary review? Staff make every effort to confirm your appointment or event registration after you have scheduled it; however, sometimes confirmations are not sent, but you should expect that your appointment or event attendance will go ahead as scheduled noentheless. Yes, you must be enrolled or you will not receive credit for your work. Reviewers will be available to help with last-minute troubleshooting and formatting csulx.

Tables and Figures Tables are comprised of data or statistical information, which are presented in cxula and row format. Deadline to upload complete draft of dissertation for official review.


csula thesis review

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Select a day from calendar; on next page, thesjs an available time. Unless otherwise directed by their Committee, the Candidate need not have obtained Committee approval on the thesis or dissertation csulq. Tables and figures may be placed within the text, close to its first reference; together in their own section following the last chapter; or in appropriate appendices at the end of the document. Please include your calstatela. Appointments with Reviewers will be available according to this schedule: Unless otherwise instructed, the thesis need not yet be completed or approved by the Committee.

This allows for better efficiency in communication. Candidates are strongly encouraged to read the guide in its entirety. You have the option to order bound copies of your thesis or dissertation via the ETD Administrator either during or after you have completed the submission process; additional information may be found on the ETD Administrator FAQ page or in the email you receive from ProQuest one your thesis or dissertation is accepted.

If the Committee has requested edits to content, this is the final day to submit the edited thesis to the ProQuest ETD Administrator website ; the Committee should be mindful of this deadline when requesting edits.

Page numbers fall within the margins and must be at least 0. Page Numbers Preliminary pages are numbered thsis lower case Roman numerals ii, iii, iv, etc.