Students can retake courses in the summer or during the school year. A student is not permitted to obtain credit by examination unless enrolled in the course and fully informed by the instructor of the requirements for successful completion. All credit courses taken at Foothill count as college credit, whether or not the high school counts the coursework toward high school requirements. The remaining 9 credits can be chosen from the East Asian studies major requirements. An introduction to the theory and practice of homeland security in both the public and private sector at national, regional, state, and local levels.

An examination of the structure of financial institutions and their role in providing money and near money. Topics include the definition of forensic science and how it has evolved, disciplines within the field, ethical codes, and case law. Students may not challenge a course at a lower level than one they have successfully completed in the same department. A minor in emergency management requires the completion of the following courses: A comprehensive review of the management principles underlying organizational development and growth and business life-cycle segments of emerging enterprises.

An examination of crimes involving the use of computers. The objective is to identify the legislative process, conduct tax research, evaluate tax implications, and complete an individual tax return. A comprehensive study of government in the United States, including the basic principles of American government and political culture.

If the student does not earn a remediation-free score, then the student must take the English II and either the geometry or integrated math II end-of-course tests plus any tests associated with courses that they have not yet taken and earn the required prorated points to satisfy the graduation requirements.

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The first in a sequence of courses in Java. Student Services BuildingRoom An overview of ideas and philosophies likely to affect humanity and this planet in the 21st century. Principles of Microeconomics ECON 3 Credits An analysis of the economic principles underlying the behavior of individual consumers and business firms. The objective is to apply knowledge of human behavior, labor relations, and current laws and regulations to a working environment.


With our Program Comparison Toolyou can evaluate as many as three degrees, specializations, and certificates side by side. Topics include financial analysis and financial risk, characteristics and valuations of securities, capital investment analysis and decision making, the capital structure of the firm, financial leverage, and international finance.

Topics include profiles of entrepreneurs; benefits, risks, and challenges; financial management; access to capital; and franchising. Topics include neuroscience, sensation and perception, learning and conditioning, memory, motivation, language and intelligence, personality and social behavior, and psychopathology and therapy.

Topics include East Asian belief systems including Confucianism and Buddhismthe dynastic cycle, relations between steppe and agrarian societies, warrior and scholar-gentry cultures, technological change and economic development, and the role of class and gender in early East Asian society.

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The objective is to trace how transformations on global, regional, and local levels led to the development of the modern nation-states of East Asia and to examine how those developments affected the culture of the areas.

Topics include intra- and interpersonal communication, public communication, mass media, and contemporary issues associated with mediated communication. An examination of prevention as the primary community-based strategy for fire protection. Fulfills the general education requirement in communications but is not a writing course. If a student earned credit for a course prior to the test being available, does the student have to take the end-of-course test now?

Students who complete a bachelor’s degree with this minor may be eligible to reduce their total coursework for the Master of Science trdaucir management specialization in emergency management by 6 credits. The examination may include written, oral, or skill tests, or a couesework of all three, and will be sufficiently comprehensive to determine that the student has essentially the same knowledge and skills as a student who colllege completes the course.

High-School Completion at Foothill Although Foothill College cannot grant a coursswork school diploma, many high schools in the area recommend that students 19 years of age or older complete their high school requirements by taking college courses.


Students may couraework challenge a course at a lower level than one they have successfully completed in the same department. The goal is to apply major concepts and use the scientific method to enhance the understanding of individual, community, and organizational life experiences.

The objective is to conduct research, apply critical traduir skills, and articulate diverse historical perspectives in the context of African American history and culture. The objective is to translate the three-dimensional world into two dimensions, communicate through a visual medium, and critique visual works of art.

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A student will use the higher score of any end-of-course test taken for meeting graduation requirements. The aim is to identify common forms of long-term care and articulate the responsibilities of a long-term care administrator. The goal is to identify, assess, and explain the key decision-making processes required of a small business entrepreneur or financial manager. Topics include the analysis, publication, and citation of judicial opinions and statutory law; the features and use of secondary sources; and various computer-assisted research tools to find and validate primary authority.

The objective is to design, implement, and manage programs addressing community risks; administer prevention programs; and influence change and development of legislation, regulation, and policy. Topics include the social construction of gender and sexuality of the armed forces; the history of women in the military; violence against women in the military; rank, status, and advancement of women in the military; and postmilitary transitions and career options for women.

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The objective is to understand the pivotal role of marketing within both an organization’s strategic plan and the marketing process and determine marketing strategies and tactics. Units earned under credit by examination will be identified on your transcript. Topics include consumption, investment, inflation, and travucir fiscal and monetary policy.

college coursework traducir