Reading Psy- chology 9, — Despite this design, it is entirely poss- ible that test-takers with prior knowledge of the topic may be better able to understand the readings and the lecture and better able to respond to the essay prompt. Many expressed a desire to choose the topic of their test. Gen- eral , 71— See More See Less. On examinee choice in educational test- ing. The second research question is to determine the extent to which test- takers perceive choice to be an important part of the testing experi- ence.

Unlike other tests that ask test takers to write a persuasive essay with no connection to the academic material, the language activities that test takers experience in the CAEL Assessment are selectively sampled from first-year university courses, and are very similar to the activities they will engage in during post-secondary studies. However, Gee suggests that three of the six essay prompts may be significantly easier than the remaining three prompts. The bulk of research focused solely on the role of prior knowl- edge. Test performance for this group is then compared to the per- formance of a group who do not have prior knowledge of the test topic. The second research question is to determine the extent to which test- takers perceive choice to be an important part of the testing experi- ence.

Further, offering a choice among items in testing settings may threaten the principles of sajple and ethical testing in which each test- taker is faced with an equal challenge. Rather, this test compares the mean ranks of the two groups.

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The relatively large proportion of males in this sample accurately reflects the gender ratios found in the population typically taking the CAEL Assessment.

The con- founding effect of task difficulty found in other studies of choice in testing was not a factor in this study.


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Some effects of choice on academic performance. The percentage of test-takers within each proficiency level is given instead of the raw frequency because the sample sizes vary for each group.

Over a number of years, the scores of female students on these tests have been slightly but consistently lower than those of male students. This observation was also made by Hamp- Lyons and Mathias Journal of Second Language Writing 3, 49— Techni- cally, the essay response scores reflect an ordinal level of measure- ment and mean ranks as opposed to means were compared using the Mann Whitney U test.

Reading Research Quarterly 24, 27— These results echo those reported by Ssmple and Starfield Prior to making their choice, the test-takers had been asked to indicate their preferences for each of 20 possible topics from which their top- ics would be drawn. The textual analysis revealed no discernible differences in the amount of external infor- mation used by the test-takers in the choice and no-choice conditions.

Par- tial credit scoring is permitted and the number of points attributed to each question is indicated on the test papers for the test-takers. The focus of the study was to examine the relationships between the quality of writing on composition examinations and topic selection, outlining, rough drafting and revision.

On the test dates for this study the testing procedure was a little different. This test is unfair: Our principal research question is csel determine if test-takers given a choice of topic perform significantly differently from test-takers not given a choice.

cael essay sample

While the impact of prompt choice on the smaple test scores was not the focus of this study, the authors did conduct an analysis sajple the data to attempt to determine if students with lower overall English proficiency were Downloaded from http: The tape is played only once.


While most test-takers did express a desire to have a choice, the opinion was not unanimous. The test-takers formed a very diverse sample that included students from 58 different countries speaking 42 different first languages.

Zebra Mussels Reading 2: An investigation of background knowledge in the assessment of language proficiency. We cannot know how the test-takers would have performed on those tasks that they did not choose to complete.

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Random assignment of cafl test-takers to the choice and no-choice conditions also strengthens the design of this study. The acel value for the length of time that these test-takers had been in Canada was 18 months. Shohamy and language proficiency in foreign language reading. The final section of the test includes a one-page questionnaire on which the test-takers are encouraged to express their opinions as to what factors influenced their performance, what they liked and disliked about the test and what would make the test better for them.

cael essay sample

The potential value of choice as a testing feature is discussed and a call for further research is made. Scoring of Reading Responses The reading responses are marked by trained raters — separate from those who mark the writing section.

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Listening Listening Skills: The lecture response is marked by one rater. For each section the student is required to complete the reading and answer questions in a limited time period.

The other four test versions were offered to the choice test-takers on all four test Downloaded from saple