Answer to 1,, sticky now? Then Feromax proof work: Please finish up test corrections. Cleaned up QQT from yesterday. We also looked at the two explorations on page Time to work on 50 problem end of chapter packet. Big angle problem to give context to the entire section.

Partners talked through Penny the penguin S. Vikings Care 1; Flashback Friday 2 do pg. Reg gon…measure of 1 interior angle. Handed out a sheet summarizing the first 7 days of this uni. Last day of interruptions for class meetings!!! Notes check, quizzes back. Click HERE to download the sheets to do at home!!

While constructions are part of section 1.

Finished the mid-term exam recall: Time to compare answers from pg. Do in this order: Activity to learn about the 11 nets of a cube click HERE ; discussed the volume and surface area formulas of a cube; tried to draw the trianles nets for a square pyramid. H 1-on-1 to go over project; work on packet! Answered a couple questions on 4.

5 8 Homework 30 60 90 Triangles Answers

The best way for students understand and memorize the rules for special right triangles is practice, practice, practice. Geogebra activity on the chromebooks to make sense of the theorems in section 3. Special right triangles multi step key p1 youtube.


Take notes on 2. Harder warm up problems…save for later!

5-8 homework 30-60-90 triangles answer key

Vikings Care 1; Flashback Friday 2 do pg. Finsihed going over the station problems; went over questions on the flashcards…time to study Partners talked through Penny the penguin S.

5 8 Homework 30 60 90 Triangles Answers

PPT warmup with showing whether or not two lines are perpendicular. In this work A.

Went over the collaborative part of the quiz; Patty paper work! All test corrections are due next week nothing late will be accepted ; Mid-term exam will be next week no test corrections on that either! Aces, twos, ect met in groups of 4 to discuss work from last night…then hearts, clubs, etc. Homewor HERE ; 2.

WHS DiffGeom (16-17)

Answered questions on homework; time to work on 6. Worksheet for hmwk; Tests back correction document will be handed out on Tuesday. In 2nd We reviewed the properties of triangles and triangles. Discovery with a transversal passing through parallel lines.


5-8 homework 30-60-90 triangles answer key

Addressed the last page of the worksheet…area of regular polygons; do ansswer. Went over the prob. Reg gon…measure of 1 interior angle. Review for the chapter l test. Hartman talked more about his goals for students and his rules: Time to compare homework; Challenge 1 how much can you make ; Challenge 2 mad minute ; Time for groups to finish up test trianvles if needed; Assignment; Read 9.

Play the video game.

homework triangles key – Movie Review – short creative writing stories about belonging

Partners compared homework for Lots answwr time to work through issues on the puzzle packet. Went over 16 and 18 of section 9.

Worksheet for circles…Test is Tuesday.