Upon receiving the phrase your natural reaction may be one of puzzlement or bewilderment as well as inspiration — this is normal, just go with it. The phrase will be a starting point but you can react to it in many ways, it could affect the way that you approach your photography and subject matter or it may lead you down a path of lateral thought that will inspire. Written tasks include essays, research and short exploratory pieces. The electronic register system is used to monitor attendance and personal tutors monitor attendance so that any absences can be promptly followed up. The process for such an application is given below. Discussion and debate are a key part of the way this course is taught:

Only one element of each kind. Cookies This site uses cookies. Medication can be stored on site please speak to Margaret Cordeaux, Learning Support Manager in the first instance about this. What would your closest friend do? Honour thy error as a hidden intention. The first year of the course will be assessed through internal college examination. Each student is allocated a progress tutor — tutors have a responsibility to oversee the welfare of each student and to monitor progress.

He feels overwhelmed by the bustling city which is stretched out in front of him.

You should look at the item’s content if a painting, what if anything, does it depict? The department can offer: An stzrt will be made for the student to see their tutor on return from holiday to check that the work has been completed.

You should look at the relationships between the content and process, and the various contexts in which it was produced – you might want to consider such things eyke the technological, cultural, religious, social and historical issues which might have influenced it.


Use an old idea. Take a look at how we have applied this suspense toolkit to our own writing below: Our work in Autumn 1 has been based around Varjak Paw.

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Students with support needs and their parents are invited to discuss any issues in relation to support with the Learning Support Manager, Margaret Cordeaux, who is present at all consultation evenings and College Open Evenings. Try to begin making links between texts and considering how different works interconnect.

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To improve lateral thought, creative thought patterns and creative output. Previous Course Next Course.

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Cookies This site uses cookies. The atmosphere here is a friendly one and expectations are high. The first stage of the research involves looking carefully at the work, either as a reproduction or preferably in real stagt. The Learning Mentor team provide a friendly face when you need someone to talk to and can provide support on any of the following:.

wyke start homework

Discussion and debate are a key part of the way this course is taught: Please consult before every shoot and during editing. Feedback to be acted upon and all amendments suggested to be addressed. wy,e

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This was very tricky at first, and still is a little confusing at times, but the children have made fantastic progress and have developed a very secure understanding. Students to be editing summer work and recording ideas and potential development. Essays and other homework tasks will be set regularly. Most College documents can be accessed electronically via our Moodle site. statt


wyke start homework

We are holding a College in Action morning on Thursday 2nd May, Lessons involve a great deal of discussion and collaborative activity — though reading alone outside lesson time forms a key part of the course. RESEARCH — This is an important second step, involving a systematic examination of the chosen item in two stages – firstly of the work itself and then the circumstances surrounding its production. Since its humble beginnings educating students inWyke has since become one of the fastest growing….

Make notes about the texts you read and the ways in which authors present characters and themes. Max’s and Adam’s art work. What does it remind you of? Art has been, and still is, considered to be very important for all cultures, since the beginning of time – have you ever thought why? Wyke is the perfect place to gain your independence; meet new people and enjoy new situations. Most Learning Support staff have had manual handling training.

Is it a collage or montage? There are lifts in all buildings and these are activated by the use of a lift key. I hope to have this all confirmed soon and a letter will be sent out to you with all the details. REFLECT — This is an opportunity to think over and contemplate the meaning and nature of the item in the light of the above what does it mean to you?