We also learnt about temperature and why we need a thermometer to measure the temperature as we are not good at measuring temperatures ourselves as we found out in our experiment with three bowls of water. Some parents even came to both! Access primaryhomeworkhelp co uk celts right away. Britain before the Romans The Celts We have been learning to join up some of our letters in handwriting. Our number work has been to add and subtract 1 10 and to 3 digit numbers.

Monday 16th December – Friday 20th December We had our last performance of the Rat’s Hat on Monday and then it was back to work designing a new item of sportswear and then trying to persuade people to buy them by creating our own advertisements. We wore a variety of sportswear from football kit to swimwear and interviewed each other about what we were wearing and why it was suitable for that sport. Extra practice of this has been sent home as homework. Access primaryhomeworkhelp co uk celts right away. Year Three exploring databases. We have really enjoyed our project Gods and Gladiators and even created a dance based on the activities that took place in an amphitheatre.

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We have collected data and drawn tables using tally marks and interpreted pictograms. We have been practising own skills waw.primary stitching and are making very special christmas cards to take home. We still found time to finish making our Christmas Cards showing our new skills in stitching:. Look at the Homework section below to access the practice sheets for this week.

Classes : Class 3 – What’s New? : Class 3 Homework

Some of us were angels and supported the Year 5 angel rappers as they told the shepherds what was help.co.uk/celts.jtm in Bethlehem. Mrs Wheeler worked very hard to produce our Roman and Celtic costumes:.


Our actors enjoyed getting into their parts and they certainly were very talented! We found out about the importance of light in many religious ceremonies and how candles are used in different religions. Primary homework help co uk celts – Get to know common advice as to help.co.uk/celtd.htm to get the best dissertation ever Leave your assignments to the most talented writers.

primaryhomeworkhelp co uk celts

We learnt how to sew with the help of some kind mums and nans who came into school to share their skills. We also looked at what materials the clothes were made out of. We worked hard creating a Christmas tree in cross stitch and then decorating it with beads and tinsel. This Friday we were visited help.co.uk/clts.htm the Brass Teacher and we had a try at playing a brass musical instrument.

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To find out more about the Celts why not visit the websites listed above? On Thursday we had our Christmas Party and we all dressed up and had a great time in the disco and playing pass the parcel.

www.primary homework help.co.uk/celts.htm

Then we had a Sportswear Day. Year Three homewok databases. The people who lived in Britain during the Iron Age weren’t called ‘Celts’ until the We have been learning to join up some of our letters in handwriting. In Jelp.co.uk/celts.htm we practiced our number bonds to 10 and 20 and found out that we could use these facts to add and subtract numbers to Extra practice of this has been sent home as homework.

We will be using our number bonds to 10 next week so this week’s homework is a game which helps practice these. We designed and made a gift for Jupiter: Many Year 3 children sang in the choir and had lots of songs to learn. The Celts who settled www.priamry England heelp.co.uk/celts.htm split into many different tribes, each We had a great Christmas Singalong in the hall afterwards and were entertained by both the School choir and the Staff choir with many of the teachers wearing Christmas jumpers!


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Our number work has been to add and subtract 1 10 and to 3 digit numbers. We learn about the meaning of the christingle and will be making our own using an orange or tangerine. Cookie Notice We use cookies to track usage and improve the website. We looked at what we were wearing for our PE lessons both indoor and outside and discussed helo.co.uk/celts.htm suitable it was for Gymnastic lessons and outdoor Games.

Autumn Term

In this project the children will learn: Dig deep into the lives of the Help.co.uk/celts.htmm Age Celts through games, stories and activities. But places are limited, so return your consent forms as soon as possible! She showed us her designs and samples of the materials she used. We lit the Christingles we made and took them into a special assembly on Friday and explained to the whole school what each part represented.