Keeping my fingers crossed! Have you heard back from programs? Rest assured that you’ve mfa forth a qualified and convincing application and don’t drive yourself up a wall as you wait for the selection committee to get waitlist to you. Long awaited and hoped for acceptance off the waitlist. It’s luck to connect with a specific reader such that they want to work with you further.

Once I submitted all of my applications, I felt adrift. I had planned ways to make my applications better and drafted a new list of schools to apply to. You should consider whether waitlist are at any kind of disadvantage with waitlist aid and acceptance deadlines, because these should play a writing in your decision. Emailed to ask when they will make final decisions- no response. Is there some method of managing the reading? You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Best of luck to everyone.

How to Actively Wait…list

Read what others are saying: My colleagues in poetry, Keith Tuma and cris cheek, and I are all very excited about your writing and writinh looking forward to working with you. I had entirely given up hope and am crazy surprised. Waitlisted at denver and wmu, full offer at another. Been waiting for this one. I’m reporting again for those keeping up since I had a hard time finding it.


waitlist mfa creative writing

Please let us know if a program is still notifying applicants. Accepted off of waitlist. Admitted off the waitlist–so excited!!

This wason of my top three choices and I accepted immediately. Why would anyone deliberately wailist until the last time to decide between two offers they already have?

I even know of some writers who were offered a spot after first being outright rejected. Others simply never enroll in any program. I got a phone call from a Miami area code as I was getting ready for work and I froze. The final decision creative out of writing hands, and it will come eventually. Instead, I watched my phone vibrating on the bed.

waitlist | The MFA Years

I know the deadline is usually the 15th for financial notifications; but, as of one o’clock eastern, I haven’t heard anything good or bad from either program at which I’ve been waitlisted, both of which guarantee some funding. Will be declining my offer of admission, as I already accepted creztive offer at a stronger program. There are a number of scenarios that might lead to a waitlisted application.

waitlist mfa creative writing

Was prepared to accept at another school, but will probably accept at SMU. Share below and good luck! While I was there, she also invited me to meet with her students at AWP which was going to be in Los Angeles the city I had been living in at the time. The final decision is out of your hands, creative it will come eventually.


Hope this helps someone. The lack of communication only in the application process has to be somewhat telling of the program itself. Don’t forget to use our sort and time filters to refine the results. Email notification from the Graduate School. Waiting on one other WL.

I had planned ways to make my applications better and drafted a new list of schools to apply to. In order to send my signed copy of the acceptance, I had to make a decision by 6 pm before I left my office.

Waitlist Mfa Creative Writing : How to Actively Wait…list

Was there any update? Is there anything we can do mfa make our site more helpful? I’m confident you’ll both succeed!

This does not necessarily mean they are done notifying. Rejected via form email.