Books, Websites and Articles. Good for a Gen Ed paper. I loved how passionate Bruce was about the content, but it just wasn’t very interesting. It is only to be included where absolutely necessary to provide context for the standard. It was clear she had never taught this paper before and just made this paper even more tedious. This course was probably the most engaging and interesting course I have taken so far at uni. Accommodation Applications Albany Manawatu Wellington.

However, many schools mistake this as incorporating information technology into the curriculum. Completely subjectively marked – just become friends with one of the facilitators and then consistently call them over to help you write what they perceive as the ‘right’ answer. This review was posted on August 20, This paper has one lecture and two tutorials each week, so you get to know the people in your tutorials pretty well and you learn so much from them! Looks at a wide range of urban themes. This course was probably the most engaging and interesting course I have taken so far at uni. I loved this course and took it as a gened.

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Stories, he says, form the core of all history writing and historians must use them to make connections with the public. I didn’t find the lectures that helpful but the tutorials were REALLY helpful as you practiced the essays and writing assignments.

Teachers must make sure they plan to use variety in their lessons. The content of this course is FAR better than that of business as all of the topics are clearly interlinked with one another and seem more relevant and applicable to the “business world”.

These readings were probably the best part of the course, except for Tom’s section which I really liked. And they also make us watch way more webcasts than Business Even worse than bus Got some really retarded comments about referencing. Staff members must feel involved in the process of uoz technology, and in learning how to operate it, in order for them to increase their confidence in using IT as a curriculum tool.


In his now-famous book, Chakrabarty examines how Western modes of thought have influenced the way history is written in non-Western cultures.

My first essay was marked by one tutor who gave me an A and my second essay, which I put far more effort and research sssay, and I personally thought was better than my first, was marked by someone else who gave me a B.

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This review was posted on October 30, Urbanism was a really interesting paper, I just find it super unfortunate that there isn’t more human geography papers available. Switching from pen and paper answers to online is a life saver.

Markers are pretty harsh considering it is a gen ed paper, they expect you to have good creative writing skills!

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Not sure what the esssay below is going on about. Enjoyment 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 stars. Make sure to go over lecture slides so you understand different language techniques and devices, doing so will help you easily identify them in your text. Honestly this paper is a nice change from your stats, eco and accounting.

It successfully put me off sociology for life.

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They’re really just there for the international students hence why they used to be called language tutorials. Overall, this class was not that great but it was extremely easy to pass, if I put in effort I would have definitely have gotten an A. I appreciate the fact that he is trying to make us ‘engage’ properly with the content, however the fact is that we have adjusted our learning in a way that is effective for all of our other classes, meaning that his insistence on maintaining this old-fashioned and irrelevant technique has rendered most of my notes completely irrelevant and chaotic.


Test was pretty simple too, it was a stepping stone for the exams. Course staff is also super helpful, always answering questions in depth and helping students in Piazza and during office hours. If a school does not have a clear plan of how and why it wishes to implement IT, then it runs the risk of wasting money.

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The course emphasises how to do things with texts and cultivates an awareness of text types and effective reading and writing strategies. The content is pretty forgettable.

This review was posted on September 27, Marking is completely subjective to the marker. Using technology to increase student learning.

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You must show evidence of academic reading in your coursework and you must also properly acknowledge the sources from which you have taken ideas, arguments and quotations. A great GPA booster too.

This review was posted on May 30, This review was posted on November 14,