Given the lack of a regional subreddit, it also covers most things in the Champaign-Urbana area. There initially was skepticism that these technologically illiterate students could effectively use PLATO, but those concerns were not borne out. Watanabe found no significant difference in learning between the group who learned through computer-assisted drill programs and the group receiving traditional instruction in instrument identification. So an air-conditioned, carpeted room with 16 computer terminals was a stark contrast to the rest of the college. Computers and the Humanities.

I know when you go to the department office they have a list of previously approved supporting courses outside of PS but I don’t know where you can find them online: It would be great to hear your recommendations. Computer-assisted music instruction utilizing compatible audio hardware in computer-assisted aural drill PhD. Council for Research in Music Education. The Emergence of Online Community , Think of it.

The Intel microprocessors in these terminals made them capable of executing programs locally, much like today’s Java applets and ActiveX controls, and allowed small software modules to be downloaded into the terminal to augment the PLATO courseware with rich animation and other sophisticated capabilities that were not available cougsework using a traditional terminal-based approach.

Uses authors parameter CS1 maint: It could retrieve for playback any of audio clips within 0. InWilliam H. Inthe PLATO IV terminal was introduced with capabilities that included a translucent plasma display equipped with touch capability, programmable graphics and fonts, rear projection of microfiche through the display, a Votrax voice synthesizera four-voice sound synthesizer, coursewor, a device that provided random access to prerecorded audio.

It’s probably been removed by the overzealous reddit spam filter. Mainly this computer was used for management and data processing tasks related to power generation and distribution, but it also ran the PLATO software. Retrieved February 8, coursewrk In the end, they concluded that while it was not proven to be a better education system, courseworrk using it nevertheless enjoyed it, at least.


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This plasma display included fast vector line drawing capability, and ran at baudrendering 60 lines or characters per second. It was also possible to connect the terminal to peripheral devices.

Given the lack of a regional subreddit, it also covers most things in the Champaign-Urbana area. However, students using the computer appreciated the flexibility to set their own practice hours, completed significantly more practice uiic, and did so in significantly less time.

At this time, they were shown parts of the system, such as the Show Display application generator for pictures on Supportting later translated into a graphics-draw program on the Xerox Star workstationthe Charset Editor for “painting” new characters later translated into a “Doodle” program at PARCand the Term Talk and Monitor Mode communications programs.

PLATO (computer system)

By the mids, James O. The results showed no significant difference between the delivery methods for a student post-test performance and b their attitudes toward the training materials.

uiuc supporting coursework

supporhing University Online was later renamed to VCampus. Council for Research in Music Education. Many of the students who used PLATO in the s and s felt a special social bond with the community of users who came together using the powerful communications tools talk programs, records systems and notesfiles on PLATO.

ByPLATO had sprouted a variety of novel tools coursewprk online communication, including Personal Notes emailTalkomatic chat roomsTerm-Talk instant messagingmonitor mode remote screen sharing and emoticons.

A traditional approach, a Kodaly approach, and a Kodaly approach augmented by computer-assisted instruction,” University of Illinois, unpublished. He felt that it was a waste of time anyway, as the system’s value was in its online nature, which Micro-PLATO lacked initially.


Norris refused to give supportign on the system, and invested in several non-mainstream courses, including a crop-information system for farmers, and various courses for inner-city youth. It was designed to assess the progress of the project relative to goals outlined in the contract; provide feedback to the Project and School personnel, as well as to the funding agent; and portray the Project as it coursewor evolved since its inception. The Minneapolis Tribune was unconvinced by their ad copy and started an investigation of the claims.


This meant that CDC had to charge high prices in order to recoup their costs, prices that made the system unattractive. To wit, if computerized automation increased factory production, it could do the same for academic instruction.

uiuc supporting coursework

It included Bitzer’s orange plasma display invention, which incorporated both memory and bitmapped graphics supportiny one display. Norris provided CERL with machines on which to develop their system in the late s.

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They provide insight into the diversity of factors that interact to influence the successful development and implementation of an educational program VT. The random-access audio device used a magnetic disc with a capacity to hold 17 total minutes of pre-recorded courseworm. This ran on several CDC mainframes at various sites. For many of the Madadeni students, most of whom came from very rural areas, the PLATO terminal was the first time they encountered any kind of electronic technology.

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Trainees could vary the timing of the exercises and repeat them whenever they wished. The device accepted and judged rapid notes, two notes trilled, and lip slurs. I know when you go to the department office they have a list of previously approved supporting courses outside of PS but I don’t know where you can find them online: