It is too pure for our world. I’d be foolish to take on any of these missions besides Thesis Hunt, the next story mission. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Well, clearly your tactics need to be more Montblanc-centric! Forgot your username or password? Oh, that’s right, Bombs are weak to water , not ice!

The sprite moves first because she’s fast as hell. Keep me logged in on this device. Sprohm is placed one panel away from Cyril. Here’s that Flame Attack. Watch mission Thesis hunt this time.

That knife nearly cost me the whole game. The Green Beret is the only hat in the whole game that teaches an ability.

Marche is Ramza now. Cecile is a Fencer but that’s unimportant. Naw, I guess I don’t want to fight Evildeath. It takes a while as that White Mage keeps using Cure, but when the enemy can’t hurt you it’s a matter of time.


None of these guys has an action ability that causes HP damage. It is too pure for our world. And he’s part of Clan Beoulve. Here, a Bangaa Warrior is rejected ’cause he sucks.


My point was simply that in typical beginner play, without carefully choosing laws, it only gets easier after Thesis Fffta.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Mission Thesis Hunt Gameplay : finalfantasytactics

Keep me logged in on this device. Sabatini and Montblanc use elemental magic while Cecile and Augusto use Swarmstrike and Whirlwind, respectively. If it has that sword icon, it’s a fight. He’s put into Thief to get to Juggler.

Maybe the thesis is about how to condense Mist into a high energy laser for- Nope, they just want money. Evasion The basic formula for hit-rate is evasion.

thesis hunt ffta

Sprohm is placed one panel away from Cyril. I love Dagger, it’s such a fun ability. You must be joking. Notice how there is only one open panel? Sabatini casts a completely pointless Cure on people who are not injured.

Units try to join after a mission is completed. We can go to a bar to get hammered accept missions, or go to a shop and buy some better equipment.


thesis hunt ffta

Ramza, use that knife of yours for something. This guy, he can’t do anything without breaking the law. We’re fighting Bombs for this sprinkler! Although the story line is same the gameplay every time is differs and never looks same.

Watch mission Thesis hunt this time. Three days later Zoik returns to proclaim his victory in the gladiatorial pits.

Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Augusto punches out the Sprite. I like Monty coz he’s Fluffy! Become thexis Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. When the Bombs start falling, the mission eases up significantly.