In that light gold is the weakest currency as it doesn’t “belong” to any group of people or a government. When you were out doing your “independent research” did you happen to answer the cause of the consumer price inflation in the last 15 years of the “key Gibson Paradox period” the years of strongest correlation are in the US and in the UK? Gold behaving like an industrial commodity, but to a lesser degree. They will decide when they decide. It’s amazing how, after watching a market for many years, an intuitive feel is developed; a market memory if you will. The risk is whether holding a position is timely or not. Remember my study of how the dollar outperformed gold when continually rolled over as a 10 year Treasury?

How does gold do in a period of rising interest rates? Actually what I want to say is that the longer this goes on the more wind bitcoin will get and if it gets big enough I fear it may be a competitor to freegold. The worst part is the not being able to scroll past, since any truly toxic waste should really be addressed by somebody in reasonably proximate order. Nothing more than a video game for traders. Perhaps the collectible tax gain is still in place.

Yet the impression that real rates have been high sinceand that these high rates have been associated with a low relative price of gold vis a vis the level is unmistakable.

summers-barsky gold thesis

We have crafted the art of observation and rational deduction into many fine branches of science, which eases our subsistence, and also our minds as to the predictability of things to come. There will be no mining of gold, no gold summers-abrsky, easy credit creation in a currency will be punished by a higher gold price in that currency.

Barton Biggs: Weekend Gold Worm

Timely article in light of the fact that someone http: However, in both Summesr-barsky and May, the most recent months for which there is data Federal Reserve BulletinJulytable 3. It is also interesting to note that the PPT was birthed around the same time.


summers-barsky gold thesis

Poor house of Saud, not bullying The Royal’s rivals sufficiently when commanded to. No goods or services are traded publicly in XAU units. The next interest rate increase will, it can be stated with confidence, begin rather than complete a process. I would fine tune what victor said.


Scrolling past Mcidiot and Grumplander gets old. I wonder, gol it even occur to you to consider the relevance of this data as it relates to that which you have glommed onto as your holy grail?

Gold achieves its highest value when it is distributed as far as possible. The gold has to flow, the present tax scheme, or anything even remotely like it, is a non starter, like one of your posts only less so.

Gold on the other hand is “unlimited on the upside” and “limited on the downside”.

Barton Biggs: Weekend Gold Worm | Gold Eagle

You are bringing your misconceptions to the Forum I would start with the cheapest and work my way up if needed, here is a price comparison: Paper money, on the other hand, has always gone down to 0. John- Your ideas have been discussed here many times in the past and given all the idiot skmmers-barsky especially latelyit’s sometimes hard to discern if one is serious or if one is trying a different tack in their trolling repertoire. Variable A is the future trailing twelve-month rate of inflation.

Because traders have leverage and can make instantaneous moves on digital exchanges, all of the gains go to the players who can “buy low and sell high” faster or based on inside information. Therefore at any price, at any cost, the central banks had to quell the gold price, manage it. Summer’s is quite well off as a result, and Yellen has the chair. People still call it “Gold”. Understatement of inflation by the CPI will ultimately disenchant summeds-barsky expectations.


summers-barsky gold thesis

I still don’t understand why bitcoins doesn’t act as a store of value. On Monday, July 22, less than a week after issuing his panegyric to Palmedo, Biggs went on CNBC to aver that he really knew nothing about gold and to imply that his favorable comments about it the previous week should be disregarded.

Woland, Yes, I had Quatar golld the wrong team. While most shrimps pre-transition will not own gold, after it will be available to anyone at a free-floating rate, and the masses will have understanding through experience, once the path is shown.

Thanks for another great piece and some choice FOA quotes.

As the Flower of Understanding requires the radiant light of TRUTH in which to blossum, we find it struggling in the darkness of propaganda, and “versions of reality” hanging like apples from a tree. The worst part is the not being able to scroll past, since any truly toxic waste should really be addressed by somebody in reasonably proximate order. If gold gained PP it would certainly be deflationary, for the store of value function only, not medium of exchange, nor unit of account.

Paper continues to influence, for summers-bagsky This is a very big cost.