We debated if these historic figures deserved one and who might get a Blue Plaque today. Together we navigated them through scenarios of problems they could face online and made sure we were being SMART on the internet. Try five minutes each day rather than a longer session once each week. They can also solve tricky missing number problems by using the inverse. We worked in our house groups and went around the whole of KS2.

We debated if these historic figures deserved one and who might get a Blue Plaque today. It allows parents to communicate about what he or she is learning. I will let you know! On Friday, we tested our times tables knowledge with the four times tables. Children are expected to read daily, learn their weekly spellings and continue to practice their times tables. Finally, in computing we have finished our maths games by adding in costumes, sounds and movement to the game. We have one more week to go so make sure you are cycling, scooting or walking to school- that means you too adults!

We also had a special visitor today – the guide dog Lilly. Congratulations to our Pentecost Dash runners, we are very proud of all of you. We use cookies to optimise site functionality and give you the best possible experience.

st peters billericay year 4 homework

Time yourself and try to beat your score each time. This week in English we have been writing our dangerous stories about Narnia which have been very imaginative and exciting. We walked along pfters Thames path and learnt about the geography and history of the Thames. In Spanish, we learnt some Spanish Christmas words and phrases.


We experimented with guitars, violins, wind chimes and little harps. She truly inspired us to keep working hard at all the instruments we learn. World Book Day is Thursday — please dress as your favourite book character and bring a book. Her ability to captivate audiences with her innate musicianship and dynamic presence, coupled with her wide appeal as a high-profile advocate for classical music, has made her one of the most influential classical artists of today.

We will be walking around the local area exploring the Blue Plaques and famous local places. Then we got the most exciting news: In Maths we have been discovering Roman numerals and solving problems using them. We have been imagining all the fun winter activities you could do in Narnia, including some magical ones.

In maths, we have been adding and subtracting decimals. This week we went on an exciting trip to the theatre. We have also been being to read our new class book — Varjak Paw!

st peters billericay year 4 homework

Wednesday 8 th May — we have a trip in the morning. Fun with Maths The boys had made a tall tower with the pegs. This week we have finished off our fraction work in maths and started on coordinates.

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We have one more week to go so make sure you are cycling, scooting or walking to school- that means you too adults! Children will get a mathematics and grammar homework piece out of their homework books every week. In maths, we have looking at 2D shapes. It was a smash! This has involved money and working out how much you can buy with it. In computing this week, we have been designing our very own electronic toys.


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This seems to work well for everyone. We were given disclosing tablets to see where the plaque collects in our mouths. This week we were able to experience some fantastic live music at the Albert Hall as the children attended Primary Proms. We have also done some great work in computing, with everyone creating their own maths games with different backgrounds and characters. Next, we homewogk applique to add fabric to our pencil cases.

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Reviews No reviews have been submitted for this Childminder. We are now writing them yeear neatly, ready to make an amazing display. We have been rewriting some friendly descriptions of Narnia to make them scary and ominous.