So all the issue we know of come about a decade after Ned and Robert began to be fostered with Jon, and they all have to do with things that were done a decade after Ned and Robert began to be fostered with Jon. That is, commenters can and often do discuss events from the most recent book. That way, House Stark would have been married to two great houses – Tully and Baratheon – and bound to another by wardenship. Or are they being directed? Third point I also agree with. Where was the urgency to wed, even after witnessing Aerys’s sorry state at the Harrenhal Tourney in late AC?

TPTWP return to the abyss that is the tiny grey area of interest between the super-hit television adaptation and the source material fantasy novels- an abyss that forges these two mediums together and creates a glob of chit-chatting that interests both book-readers and show-watchers the same. It is the exact opposite of that. With Jon we have no evidence of an issue between him and Aerys until the imprisoning of Elbert, who was imprisoned as one of Brandon’s companions when he rode into the Red Keep threatening Rhaegar in AC. No one anticipated that move, but it created a fait accompli. I think it is difficult to know just how much the lords of the realm outside the Red Keep knew about Aerys’s state after Duskendale in AC, or how much concern there was among most lords prior to the Harrenhal Tourney in late AC.

Idiot’s Guide to Southron Ambitions, P.1 – The Westerosi Companion

Since Robert was the adolescent overlord of the Stormlands, influencing him had to be an southrno exercise for Jon Arryn. There is going to be no fssay without a central authority, nor is the Citadel going to have influence over all the Seven Kingdoms if the Citadel is just going to be the university of Oldtown and the Reach again.

So here the Maester of Winterfell made a really great suggestion that Rickard marry his son to his old war buddy’s daughter. This along with its sparse population means that the Starks were likely given a greater degree of autonomy than most Lords. Comments Closed Comments are no longer allowed for this topic. This is the furthest thing from proof of either Hoster or Tywin being involved in anything with offensive or defensive intent against House Targaryen.


But I think it is a mistake without basis to work backwards from what we know southrob to suggest ambitiosn the fosterings and relationships were made in the first place to have an offensive or defensive intent against House Targaryen. Maester Luwin teaches Bran and clearly influences Ned to believe that magic is dead.

Out of gratitude we ambbitions them a place beneath our roof and make them privy to all our shames and secrets, a part of every council. You can follow along with Stefan’s reread of A Dance with Dragonsor read more of his work at Geschichtsblog and Oeffinger Freidenker. These men learn from the war that Houses working together are a force to be reckoned with.

Tower of the Hand

No silly posts, external funny links, memes, as new topics. If if they are lying they tell you what you they are feeling.

And it’s rewarding to ewsay into it. Which he did after falling in love with Lyanna, the sister of Ned, who he had been best friends with for nearly a decade. Third point I also agree with.

After the war these Houses begin making diplomatic overtures with one another with marriage pacts and ward exchanges. I didn’t list him in my response only because he wasn’t one of the maesters at the the rebel houses.

I just wondered, with the timeline, if it is significant. Even those guys could really trust each other – which is laughable if you keep in mind essa Robert treats Jon’s son, how Ned thinks of the Lannisters, how the Baratheons kill each other, etc.

And that is how the rest of Westeros sees them, most especially the Citadel. Robert was in soutbron to Lyanna and talks of a betrothal were conducted. Contributes the most minimum amount of troops possible to Robb Stark?

He gets a better deal from two powerful houses and agrees to it due to the fact that the war will almost certainly be fought in the Riverlands.


southron ambitions essay

We host monthly discussion hubs after the turn of each month for talking about the subreddit. Given his place at court during the Summerhall fires, he can’t be ruled out as a suspect in possible sabotage and murder of another king.

Just how does one separate the Targaryen reign over Westeros from dragons, prophecy, and magic? And yet, suddenly, Lord Sssay marries one son with House Tully and sends the other to foster with House Arryn, both happening to be the direct neighbors of the North. In Aerys’s position they might not go to the full extent Aerys did, but it is not as though Aerys arbitrarily targeted a house for no reason, and I think many lords, especially great lords, would have been more concerned about the precedent of a bannerman doing what Lord Darklyn did and getting away with it, than with Aerys punishing it.

View all Comics Sites. Events will include cosplay, games, panels, fandom favorite appearances, and much more. During the that event the Blacks almost didn’t bother to involve the Starks due to how far the North was from the main action. Note also that Joanna Lannister and the Princess of Dorne had their own ideas for cross-country marriage alliances; this might be connected to this potential conspiracy, or might have been something entirely separate.

While the exact nature of the arrangements in Westeros probably vary a lot just like they xmbitions in the medieval world but basically using ASOIAF terms for nobility:. He told me so, on our last night together … but Rickard Stark had great esaay too.

southron ambitions essay

Do you think the Citadel will have more or less influence in another kingdom when the Reach is at war with that kingdom?