Murder Blossom Dyed red hair, a forest green dress and a pair of kitchen knives, it was the last time I ever saw a rose. Midnight orgies at the school for the blind. Led away in shame. There were mortal wounds inflicted on the sky and incrminating blue stains on my shirt. How heaven is collapsing under so much joy.

Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. They are just frigid hands from the other side of the world leading me into winter. It is very important I make for a thin chalk outline. Her heels and elbows scraped and bloodied. She knew that sooner or later they would realize that the Ride wasn’t stopping and they were all going to die.

Your sky lips and snow skin are sugar for the carrion perched high atop the naked trees. Pose like a fashion corpse and shed your denim skin my love. Strangled With A Halo 8.

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Perhaps the son of god aborted and tossed and a garbage bag. Paid for by the people that supply the lash for these pointless acts of self-flaggellation. This is my favorite pig destroyer tune.


pig destroyer scatology homework lyrics

General Comment About teasing and being rediculed. Mapplethorpe Grey Androgynous we are.

Pig Destroyer – Scatology Homework Lyrics

She used to be so right. Jennifer Jennifer wrestled her friend playfully to the ground in front of the snow cone stand and began licking at the girls eyeballs, as if they were sugar cubes. Midnight orgies at the school for the homeworm. The vultures are made up like mockingbirds and they’re circling. Unworthy of the name. Medication blurs the last five percent.

General Comment its scotology homework I give you everything I have wrapped in a shy kiss for you to use once and then destroy. Her eye sockets dry and empty.

PIG DESTROYER LYRICS – “Prowler In The Yard” () album

Maybe a pair of wings. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Ancient statues deformed in desert winds. Led away in shame. A mass grave of tiny angels fallen from the heavens from the naked trees. Some on-lookers gasped in horror. It has been so long since the last touch. They are just frigid hands from the homswork side of the world leading me into winter.


The last stall on the left as our makeshift confession booth.

A few minutes later, her wrists were in, then her elbows. It felt so wrong, just like my life.

Their bodies convulsed and flailed with an almost seizure like intensity. I don’t knwo where to really start on this one, but homewokr seems as it its being rediculed because of changes and being the opposite of ordinary.

pig destroyer scatology homework lyrics

Know something about this song or lyrics? Ghost Of A Bullet 6.

Scatology Homework Lyrics

Dragging off cigarettes of human skin. Lyrics submitted by neurobasicedited by SixThreeTimes. Snuff Film At Eleven This is an scatooogy for the skin machine.