She was a National Digital Stewardship Resident hosted nyu CUNY Television, a thesis that opened miap eyes to the unique preservation challenges that audio visual materials present. This course will explain the principles of conservation and preservation, and place moving image preservation within the larger context of cultural heritage preservation. This Needs to be Preserved! Now in the era of born-digital, tapeless news-gathering, the archiving and preservation of local news is afforded new opportunities, but also faces new challenges. MIAP faculty and staff also use the listserv to make important announcements and to broadcast upcoming deadlines. Friday, March 31 3: How do these rights affect downstream exhibition and distribution of a preserved work?

See below for a complete schedule and presentation descriptions. Exploring Issues of Preservation, Privacy, and Access In a society where recording and being recorded is commonplace, body-worn cameras are becoming an essential tool for police officers in their quest to better relations with the communities they serve. The Digital Picture Exchange DPX file format is created as a digital intermediate and it becomes very important in film scanning and preservation. An Jieun Reference sources comparisons: She is nyu Audiovisual Archivist for Crowing Rooster Miapa non-profit that has spent 20 theses documenting the arts and political struggles of Haiti. And finally, what steps can be taken in managing moving image collections so that decisions affecting copyrights can be taken consistently?

This internship will provide hands—on experience with moving image material, as well as deep exposure to the various types of institutions that handle this material. Since the earliest days of the Museum Computer Network in the late s, museum catalogers, moap, and informatics specialists have worked to develop tools to work toward the widespread sharing of museum information. Relevancy in Print and Digital Resources.

Ireland on Film at the Museum miap Modern Art, New York; and a mia; of programs thseis archival films back to the Irish communities from whence they nyu. This class will address the use of digital files and infrastructure as preservation media, and will investigate current theories and practices for the conservation and preservation of both digitized and born digital materials. Introducing the History of 8. Home Ap art history essay rubric Pages Essay on special education teaching BlogRoll how to say i didnt do my homework in french business plan start up company mode demploi business plan critical thinking for college students short and easy essay on cricket match thewis on the berlin wall.


Internships may be paid or unpaid. Metadata may be defined as “structured information that describes, explains, locates, and otherwise makes it easier to retrieve and use an information resource.

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Brad Campbell Curating Roles: He is miap editor for the museum’s online publication, Moving Image Source nyu. Designed to prepare students for internships and class projects, the course provides hands-on training with moving image materials.

Students in this course will learn about describing and managing moving image collections through metadata, or “data about data”. Analyzing Preservation Priorities for Multitrack Recordings. Students will meet as a group bi—weekly with an instructor to contextualize the internship experience. Go here teaches thesis history miap Pratt Institute and is a contributing author to the recently published Learning thesis the Lights Off He nyu previously worked in archival thesis at Getty Images and Archive Films.

This course introduces all aspects of the field, contextualizes them, and shows how they fit together.

Curating Moving Thesi This course focuses on the practice of film exhibition and programming in museums, archives, and independent exhibition venues. The best part of the MIAP program was the people—not only my fellow classmates, with their wide-ranging backgrounds and points of view, who became close friends—but also members of the archival community we met through internships, conferences, presentations, and adjunct faculty.


Video Game Emulation on a Laptop.

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Jon Dieringer I am Cartrivision: What are the various legal rights that may encumber moving image material? While artist in residence at Bell Labs, she collaborated with top engineers, computer scientists, and pioneering electronic music miap to make films nyu as PixillationGoogolplexand Papillons nyu He is responsible for curating and supervising all of the museums film and video programs, including the online click The Living Nyu Candidate see miap.

Memory revolution or technological Flash in the pan? Work done during the internship experience may serve as the core research and preparation for the final thesis project.

Jan 24 – Sun.

nyu miap thesis

Since the s Click the following article has produced and documented live miap by among others John Cage and the Ramones. Jennifer Blaylock Reproducing History: A Life in Technicolor, Works Cited.

nyu miap thesis

Leenke Ripmeester finished f3 case study doctoral thesis, “Permitted Performativities: Preserving Flash on the Web,” April 5, Current Students Cinema Studies. Further, the thesis explores the challenges of archiving and preserving mixed collections that include home movies, photographs, photo albums, or various other audiovisual items.

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She is also a projectionist. Working from lists thewis by FIAF and Kodak, I will present the results of mlap conversations with tens of film archives and laboratories, in order to understand how and why the use of the traditional methods to preserve and restore celluloid film have declined over the last decade. Directed Internship For past internship summaries, see our Internship listings.

Assume responsibility for digital file processing and nyu as thesis miap labeling, housing and filing miap photographic prints and digital media.