In all, Comaneci earned seven perfect scores and won gold medals for the all-around competition, the balance beam, and the uneven bars. Her mother had previously visited her in the United States. That is just so remarkable. There were six other Romanians who planned to trust him with their lives. As quoted by one of the magazines that featured the story on Nadia: Her achievements set an additional record making Nadia Comaneci the youngest gymnast in history to receive an all-around title. She defected to the United States in ; in she married the American Bart Conner , a Olympic gold medalist.

Amy Van Dyken Nadia and her coaches wait in anticipation for the score that will be raised by the judges any second now. She later remembered thinking, “Conner was cute. Part of her accomplishment was also being the youngest gymnast at age 14, to win an all around title. She is pleased, however, when people stop and talk about her Olympic performances. She created a stir by her sterling performance, at a tender age of fourteen.

Archived from the original PDF on August 8, The summer Olympic games were approaching, and Comaneci wanted to be ready. Nadia dances around, trying to keep herself steady on this balance beam.

Struggling against life and death, she dances and twirls around. Comaneci went to Montreal to live with Stefu and his family.


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Friday, 6 December Friday Facts: There were six other Romanians who planned to trust him with their lives. She lived with Paul Ziert ‘s family, eventually hiring him as her manager.

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The times after the Olympic Games were tough for Comaneci. With five other Romanians, she made a dangerous six-hour walk through the cold of winter to essat Hungarian border, where they were stopped by Hungarian police who immediately recognized Comaneci. Copyright The Columbia University Press. There was quite a lot of coverage surrounding this sports story.

From that position, she does a back walkover.

Nadia Comăneci

Nadia slightly presses down on both hands to reach a sitting position, causing her to feel another shock of immense pain through her wrist. This is an incredible feat, especially considering the position she is in, with her hurt wrist. Retrieved July 16, I realize that our business relationship may have tarnished my name and image, but I safely escaped from Romania, and that is truly what was most important.

She was 14 and Conner was celebrating his 18th birthday. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Constantin had plans to become my personal manager upon our arrival in the United States.


Comaneci was the first to discover his absence, and although she thought about following him, she felt that she could not leave her family. Comaneci was known for the boldness of her routines and her implacable composure. Her athletic achievements were great and well documented thanks to sports media. She won the competition. Gymnastics Hall of Fame.


nadia comaneci essay

Fortunately, it did not, but it definitely could have. Retrieved May 20, Life took on a new bleakness. The judge raises their hand as a signal that Nadia can start.

That is just so remarkable. Turning to face the stretched out beam her front of her, she kicks her leg high into the air, so high that her knee could touch her face and knock her over.

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Nadia received a very high score on this event, but in doing so she was put through excruciating pain. It was emotional to see how people care about you. The apparatus demands such a spectacular burst of energy esay such a short time—only 23 seconds—that it attracts the most fanfare.

First, her beloved coach, Karolyi, defected to the United States in