Check that all of your pages are included, in the right order. If you need more information on them, please go to the undergraduate curriculum. Design of a system followed by construction, test, and evaluation; Formulation of an analytical or computational model of a system or process, simulation of the model, and comparison with actual data; Development of a computer program that might: Each are like half-time jobs where you work around 20 hours a week either assisting in the teaching of a class or doing research, which is usually a superset of your thesis research. Do NOT wait until the week before the proposal deadline the end of the first term of grad registration to start writing. Unless you are in the 6-A Program , you must do your research at MIT, not at a summer or part-time job for which you received pay. Computer Science and Molecular Biology

THM thesis and no more than two classes. How do Thesis Units work? Computer Science and Molecular Biology Sample Title Page MEng students are expected to register for and make progress on their thesis in each of their graduate terms. There must be a properly formatted bibliography. Computer Science and Molecular Biology

5. The 6A MEng Thesis

You receive credit for thesis, TAships and RAships each term, so that you are almost always registered for 48 to 60 units. Skip to main content. But there are no guarantees. Thesis Release Letter Computer Science and Molecular Biology The additional units beyond the AAGS classes needed to get to 66 units almost never come from classes taken specifically for this requirement, but come from RA, TA, or VI-A credit, or excess undergraduate units over the units beyond the GIRs required of undergraduates in the form of headers and AUS classes taken to complete the undergraduate subject requirements.


mit eecs meng thesis

Submitting the Thesis Computer Science and Molecular Biology Tnesis purpose of this document is to give the details of the graduate portion of M. Students are not the only reason why this program’s implementation is not simple.

If your thesis tehsis two-sided it must be two-sided throughout the document, including the prefatory pages. Sample Title Page Because this can get tricky, and can depend upon the individual’s preferences, buckets should only be done in person.

Thesis Release Letter | MIT EECS

When to start 9. The three-subject MEng Concentration and two restricted electives are required, as well as the Masters thesis. Unless you are in the 6-A Programyou must do your research at MIT, not at a summer or part-time job for which you received pay. The reason this needs to be done is that most MEng students wisely start taking graduate classes and MEng restricted electives before they are graduate students, and have excess undergraduate units they can move up into their graduate program to satisfy their graduate unit requirements.

The department MEng requirements are seamless with the undergraduate requirements, not just the difference between the bachelors and the MEng department requirements. This is because course VI taught me how to think – how to model things, how to approach problems, how to be critical and open minded at the same time, how to prioritize various competing entities, how to work with people, and the value of hard work.

Skip to main content. They do not register for 6.

29. Checklist for Handing in a Thesis

What are the Subject Requirements? If you need more information on them, please go to the undergraduate curriculum. We will use this information only in the aggregate without student names or identifiers, so please be entirely honest. This refers to the process of designating subjects in either the undergraduate or graduate program.


The MEng requires another 90 units in total beyond the units that are required for the undergraduate degree sbroken down like this:.

Skip to main content. Electrical Science mejg Engineering Course The thesis should be completed in no more than three graduate terms, not including summers.

They must both be on acid free paper. One way of thinking about this is to think of having a bucket which collects units for your undergraduate degree and another bucket that collects graduate units. The major part of the work of the thesis should not be started until after the proposal is submitted.

It is understood that theses will evolve after the proposal is submitted, mi if they change topic, or if the supervisor s change, a new proposal must be submitted right away.

mit eecs meng thesis

In addition to the two copies submitted toit is customary to give your thesis supervisor at least one copy when you finish. Ordinarily the thesis is an individual effort; however, group projects are possible if the mjt of the individuals can be evaluated separately.

MEng students are expected to make significant progress on their theses each thfsis and take at least one class as long as they have class requirements remaining every term.

The proposal should be submitted at the end of the senior year or during the thezis, and no later than the first term of registration as a grad student.