This morning, twenty men buried in one long grave, a broken mosaic of bone linked arm in arm, their skeletons paused mid dance- macabre. The difficult nature of the war is shown in the brutal imagery of the injuries and deaths that the men suffered. The bird imagery also resonates, due to the fact birds use trees to nest in and this is where the enemy soldiers are hiding. Here Sheers tries to show us that from war -which is a manmade action- not only do people suffer and get hurt, but it also has a negative scarring impact on nature itself. However, it is evident from the subject of the poem that this was folly on the part of the superior officers and perhaps more foresight and planning could have prevented the mass grave that the Welsh soldiers ended up residing in. I might write on the board any of the feedback that is relevant to the poem and ask the students to make a note of this for later reference. And even now the earth stands sentinel , reaching back into itself for reminders of what happened like a wound working a foreign body to the surface of the skin.

We got to our position, in a sort of little hollow, and the ordered confusion of getting into action was at its height when with a shriek and a crash a shell burst some 20 yards behind us. What effect do they have? His visit to the battlefield and the photograph of the war grave both obviously had a profound effect on Owen Sheers. This morning, twenty men buried in one long grave, a broken mosaic of bone linked arm in arm, their skeletons paused mid dance- macabre in boots that outlasted them, their socketed heads tilted back at an angle and their jaws, those that have them, dropped open. Blog Series 1 Link: Every kind of shell bursting in the wood and village. There is a sense of peace and hopefulness despite the sad imagery of the shallow grave of allied soldiers.

mametz wood poem analysis essay

At this point, it is important to note that the 38th Welsh Division was made up of young men who, while enthusiastic and courageous, were considered to be a rather poorly-trained division; much like Herbert Watts, while their heart was in the right place, their strategic planning skills were sorely missing. London by Blake Blog Series 5 — Link: Many of my posts are also published on helium.


‘Mametz Wood’ by Owen Sheers (Poetry Analysis, GCSE) | Poetry Shark

Here, it is given a different appearance. Sheers takes interest in esay and what we as a society do that has an impact on it. China plates are generally considered to be priceless, as well as delicate, and the bones have been elevated from natural resources to this such image as well.

How does Owen present war as a futile and difficult experience in Mametz Wood? The Welsh soldiers who mamegz their lives young and who were forgotten are given through the poem a voice again. Then, I will take feedback from the students and ask them to keep in mind anything that they have thought of that has been interesting or relevant.

Wood also implies a pollution of the wood itself; the invasion of the German army acts much like a virus, turning the land where most of the Welsh soldiers knew as home into a trap and the final resting place for their own bodies. Newer Post Older Post Home.

‘Mametz Wood’ by Owen Sheers (Poetry Analysis, GCSE)

This site uses cookies. Even though some of the images created are of death, here you could also see hope in the words. This creates a similar image of the soldiers waiting for the others to come to them.

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There is a sense of peace and hopefulness despite the sad imagery of the shallow grave of allied soldiers. About Me Liz I’ll be posting reviews of my favourite eateries, most of which will be in the south of England.


How is this tragic? Then, I will explain to the students how the poem structure could represent the ploughing of the fields and that perhaps the way the lines are different sizes might indicate the horror and surprise of the farmers as they uncover the bones and pieces of the men. He also saw a newspaper article with a photograph of a war grave that had recently been discovered near Mametz Wood; he found the photograph very moving.

Throughout the poem nature is juxtaposed with the horror and unnatural deaths that the men suffered. Why is Shears referring to the soldiers as breakable china?

Mametz Wood by Owen Sheers

First, I will explain the poem is about war and ask the students to make a prediction about what will happen in the poem based on the name: Mammetz Mametz Wood the futility and difficulty of the poe, is presented in Mametz Wood through the repetitive imagery related to the sudden and unexpected deaths of the young soldiers. Here is a link to the other poem blogs on the Eduqas Anthology: What does this show about the soldiers?

mametz wood poem analysis essay

This sort of closeness is the very same one that Wilfred Owen spoke so highly of in his poems. The battle analgsis for two days, at the end of which nearly men were killed or wounded. Owen Sheers is Welsh He is writing about a Welsh regiment who were ordered to take Mametz Wood, which was the largest area of woods on the battlefield.

This site uses cookies. This went tragically wrong and resulted in a long drawn out five day battle, analydis left 4, men dead and injured. Why is this important?

mametz wood poem analysis essay