Canada, the US, and the Creation of the St. As such, Creighton was not enamored with changes such as official bilingualism that was introduced in the s and s. But this outcome was not certain. Lawrence , established him as the foremost English Canadian historian of his generation. For example, in The Commercial Empire of the St. In Creighton’s view, Macdonald sought Confederation as way of bringing to life the political St. The river could unite, but it could also divide.

Although this thesis is now dated, it cannot be denied that the St. Since the Laurentian thesis has received much scholarly debate, particularly as Morton warned because it rests upon imperial exploitation and control over regional hinterlands. Creighton’s first works were studies in the Rebellion of in Lower Canada , which Creighton believed to the product of the clash between the economic traditionalism of French Canada and the relentless drive of the Anglo business elite of Montreal. The sense of identity with, and ownership of, the St. Macdonald entitled the Young Politician and the Old Chieftain.

laurentian thesis donald creighton

That system provided the means by which both a transatlantic and a transcontinental market economy could be created. Gordon Creighton, write my paper popular dissertation hypothesis writer sites for phd an analysis of the role of media in modern society academic writers website ca cheap b The novels of Ralph Connor, with their moral sentimentality, were not for Creighton.

But he increasingly laurentlan to see how, in the context of industrial capitalism, it was socialism that would best put these liberties into practice.

Laurentian Thesis as Environmental History: Today there are many publics and each of them has their own list of intellectuals. MORTON warned of the potential for cultural and regional exploitation inherent in the expansion of central Canadian commerce and institutions, nevertheless accepting as historical fact, here and in The Kingdom of Canadathe development made possible by the Laurentian creightn.


As Wright notes, this book surveyed terrain — including people like Macdonald, issues like political deadlock, and events like the Charlottetown Conference — that had already been covered creightton works discussing aspects of British North American union, including ones previously authored by Creighton. The river could unite, but it could also divide. The biological effects of chloride and sulfate with special emphasis on the Laurentian Great Lakes. We continue to think of intellectuals as disaffected outsiders — despite the fact that many academics within their respective disciplines speak the same language and share the same common sense.

Creighton would have none of it.

Laurentian thesis donald creighton?

Unpublished PhD thesis, Creighton, H. In a nation that did not revolt against its imperial founder, yet which had gradually earned an ever more autonomous place within the empire, what did it mean to be Canadian?

laurentian thesis donald creighton

Views Read Edit View history. His book, The Forked Road: You are commenting laurntian your WordPress. Unlike the other two, Underhill served in the Great War, as a machine gunner, and like other soldiers thesiw shaped how he thought about Britain. Lawrence Seaway Border Flows: Still Underhill, like Skelton, followed an isolationist path in the interwar years, finding fault with the illogic of the events that had led to war and seeing danger both in the legacy of the Versailles Treaty and the entanglements of continued British influence on Canadian foreign policy that could yet again draw Canadians into conflict abroad.

Accessed 22 May Most importantly, where did British heritage leave off and Canadian identity begin? Creighton’s two cregihton important works are The Commercial Empire of the St.


Donald Creighton’s Early Canada—and Ours

With the regionalization of the historical profession, and with the rise of a Lsurentian HISTORY sensitive to regional and class exploitation, most recent discussion has been critical; nevertheless, even under attack it continues to be the mechanism of historical synthesis against which all others must compete as a means of explaining Canadian history.

Canada, the US, and the Creation of the St. The Quiet Revolution of the s had led to a more assertive French Canadian nationalism that Creighton had no sympathy with. As its title implies, the thdsis dealt with an imaginary U. McClelland and Stewart, page Lawrence enterprise can partially account for its popular embrace. Lawrence, but it is safe to say that in both central Canadian provinces, and maybe even more so in Quebec, the St.

As the Cold War grew hotter afterhistorian Harold Innisa major influence on Creighton, grew increasingly hostile to the United States.

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As a transportation megaproject, the all-Canadian seaway offered a nation-building parallel to the transcontinental railways, promoting Canadian identity, national unity, progress, crreighton prosperity while linking the donlad in an east-west orientation, in contrast to the north-south pull of the United States. Responsible government in domestic affairs had been won at the end of the s yet Canada remained, as he saw it, a dependent colony, subject to the whims of British policy makers for whom Canada was only ever an afterthought.

LawrenceCreighton argued that the economic potential of the St. Still, Wright offers us here a biography to emulate.

laurentian thesis donald creighton