The collaborators or consultants should have expertise that fits with your research and training plans. I wrote half a page for each of those sections. The NIH provides guidelines and templates for what this should include found here. I chose 5 areas: I tried to hide behind jargon to make my trait sound more important than it was. To me that sounded more fancy, to scientists I think it just sounded confused. In any case, your reviewers are probably not going to be in your exact field either, so you must explain your research in terms that nearly any scientist can understand.

Perhaps there is a way you can remove me from that service? I am still within the window of eligibility and am wondering whether I can write and submit a brand new K99 application? I recommend emailing the program officer PO for your institute to confirm your eligibility window. Talk about the RCR course at your university. I learned many thing regarding K99 from your blog.

For me the writing was time-consuming, but not overly unpleasant; the worst part of the process was getting my advisor, references, and collaborators to do their parts and to coordinate all the administrative stuff.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. There are a bunch of administrative things you need to fill out online, plus the budget, and then you need to upload all your documents as PDF files. Leave a Pfrsonal Cancel reply Enter your comment here It has a standard format and guidelines can be found here.


David was the only person who really encouraged me to shoot fully for it. Notify me of new comments via email.

A Comprehensive Guide to Applying for the NIH K99/R00

For example, if your eligibility ends in December, the latest you can apply is first in February and again in November. But I already know some areas to improve:. Give them the NIH instructions for writing and submitting letters found here.

Make a list of what you need Before you start writing, make a list statemennt all the stuff you need to write. I just used google to figure out who at Columbia was in charge of this, and it was pretty easy once I found the right person, but in some cases it could take days or even weeks.

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Most of them will probably wait until the last minute so you should remind them repeatedly about the deadline. Actually, a better future direction is to use this gene finding in a predictive algorithm to predict health outcomes.

k99 personal statement

I think two weeks is crazy! It should reiterate all the same points about how great the department and university is, and it should mention that you will be able to take any specific courses that you proposed in your training statemfnt.

In the personal statement you want to tell a compelling story about your scientific career.

Email Address never made public. People will tell you that your grants staement or PO will help you, but for me this was not true and I spent half a day figuring it out. If you log into era commons, you will see the date of your IRG meeting. Dude, that is rocking.


Also, the online systems can get overloaded if you wait until the last day. Mine turned out to be nothing relevant, just the NIH system trying to freak me out for no reason.

k99 personal statement

You are commenting using your Google account. I noticed the link for the K99 program officers is dead.

K99 score | This Academic’s Life

They will discuss your score at that meeting and post it working days later. Check out the site and tips http: There are several points it needs to include that are detailed in the various instruction forms. This was the second thing. I am now j99 through resubmission pains, and so it was much needed. I mentioned collaborators, a course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and classes and professional development seminars at my institution.

Yeah I wish I had my summary as well: I learned many thing regarding K99 from your blog. Then for the R00 phase things are simpler, but somehow more confusing.