The course aims to provide useful concepts and tools for the strategic analysis of business decisions. The key components of strategic planning include an understanding of an entity’s vision, mission, values and strategies. Additional readings indicated by the teacher during the course. Course Timetable from Feb 11, to May 16, Many variables are to be considered and trying to predict the future development of the business is particularly important.

Is a management information system designed to support marketing decision making. In late , the web was not yet a social entity. Originality of the work: Search Course unit catalogue. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Send to friend. Additional readings indicated by the teacher during the course.

Lucidi delle lezioni e materiali disponibili sulla piattaforma AMS Campus. Module 1 — Corporate strategies and growth Threats to the sustainability of competitive advantage: The results show that business plan is still a tool of knowledge to support a conscious strategies formulation and to get businesz stakeholders across, with particular attention to alignment information between the editor and investor. When ordering directly through IGI Global’s Online Bookstore, receive the complimentary e-books for the first, second, and third editions plaan the purchase of the Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition e-book.

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Send to friend. Aims to explore in depth the complexity of the phenomenon under investigation. It is a decision-making tool.

Fabrisand other scholars who have dealt with this topic Codeluppi, ; Fabris, ; Minestroni, ; Di Nallo, ; Signorelli, have described a 20009 reality, where products are dematerialized, desires outdo needs, the emotional sphere and the multi-sensory become the most plab way of approaching the outside world, the real and the virtual combine to give rise to new forms of interaction and socializing.


Handbook of Research on Consumerism in Business and Marketing: In order to ensure that their advice was correctly interpreted and implemented, Bolero setup a subsidiary operational company called Bolero Agence.

75930 – Corporate and Internationalization Strategies

The preparation to the exam requires deep knowledge of the theories, analytical concepts and applications included in the teaching materials and slides. Fabris has dedicated several works to the description of consumption and the consumer in the current post-modern society Bauman, ; Featherstone, ; Lyotard, ; Vattimo, Rather, the content and format of the business plan is determined by businses goals and audience.

il business plan borello 2009

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il business plan borello 2009

Assessment methods Final written exam with structured open questions. This was also a phase of international expansion.

Our story – Bolero.

Limitations of the research and considerations that emerge may find additional support information and significance with an empirical study carried out on other operations and other stakeholders in the process of business planning. Users can select articles or chapters that meet their interests and gain access to the full content permanently in their personal online InfoSci-OnDemand Plus library.

il business plan borello 2009

You can still detect a certain originality in terms of its contribution to operational and on strategic role. Instant access upon order completion. International businessMcGraw Hill. A qualitative approach emphasizes the qualities of entities, processes and meanings that are jl experimentally examined or measured in terms of quantity, amount, intensity or frequency. Search Course unit catalogue.

Corporate and Internationalization Strategies / — University of Bologna

Bolero was one of the first to analyse online public conversations and to build digital strategies based on the insights drawn from this data. Therefore, the first instrument is certainly the business plan; buusiness is necessary to explain and show the aspects of the market where firms will work.


Condition which enables a company to operate in a more efficient or otherwise higher-quality manner than the companies it competes with, and which results in benefits accruing to that company. Course Timetable from Feb 11, to May 16, Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer.

Originality of the work: The course will also focus on entrepreneurial processes. The key components of strategic planning include an understanding of an entity’s vision, mission, values and strategies. A business plan represents all aspects of business planning process declaring vision and strategy alongside sub-plans to cover marketing, finance, operations, human resources as well as a legal plan, when required. With the inception of Bolero came the development of a rational methodology which made it possible to decipher online influencing phenomena, the essential precursor to the implementation of effective online strategies.

Buisness no-one can yet claim to fully represent the whole of online opinion, Bolero certainly bucked the trend at the time by recognising and focusing on the power of internet influence.