Visit the Silver Special Collections website to learn more about its collections, services, and hours. How do you craft a thesis proposal? The presentation should be about thirty minutes long, and must be attended by the Honors Thesis Committee and announced publicly at least one week prior to the presentation date. Explain the question or problem being addressed, and what you hope to demonstrate with your research. At least one member of the committee must be in the student’s major program. Additional information is available on individual department websites. Talk to your three committee members and find a day, time, and location they and you can all agree to.

The DUR application must be accompanied by a letter of support from the project mentor. Students who are already engaged in their honors research project. It does, however, include key components of any successful thesis proposal. The thesis is submitted to the thesis committee at least one week prior to the thesis defense date. You will most likely find it to be the most exciting, fulfilling and rewarding experience of your undergraduate career.

Graduating with Honors Bachelor’s degrees may be conferred and the diploma inscribed with honors in recognition of general high standing in scholarship. Scanned articles and book chapters are sent to thesid electronically as pdf documents.

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Attend your defense At the defense, you will be asked to explain your project and answer a series of questions about it. A review of the articles and books discussing this topic will give you clues as to what sorts of position you might take.

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The memorandum each student prepares in this course does not necessarily conform to the exact proposal requirements for their home school or college. Thesis presentation tyesis defense must be publicly announced at least one week prior to its occurrence.

How do I start my thesis or other research project? The early sessions concentrate mainly on general but valuable advising information: The College Honors program, designed for superior students with unusual initiative and intellectual curiosity, provides an opportunity to pursue two semesters six credits of independent research under the direction of a faculty sponsor.


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In the senior year, students complete their 6-credit thesis project under the supervision of a faculty mentor. This course covers research methods, project design, and thesis planning, and culminates in the preparation of a literature review and thesis proposal.

In the senior year, six credits of thesis research are required. Contact the Honors College Librarian, Patricia, patricia.

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Once the proposal has been approved by the Committee, the student should secure two additional people to serve as an advisory committee. Where can Theis get help with using statistical software? Bachelor’s degrees may be conferred and the diploma inscribed with honors in recognition of general high standing in scholarship. We can help you to choose a research topic, refine your topic, develop search strategies for searching databases, locate sources relating to that topic, and find full-text resources.

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Once the schedule is written up, stick to it! I need Media and Media Equipment! With your advisor you should make up a schedule for doing research, writing drafts of chapters, rewriting, and finalizing parts of the thesis, so that you don’t end up having a rush of work to do at the end of your senior year. Some students may be able to take their required research course, listed above, during the sophomore year in order to enable them to study abroad.

Four Year Thesis Plan

Statistical Software Support and Consulting Services provides 1-on-1 support to users of statistical software throughout the UVM community, as well as general statistical consulting. These consultations last minutes and must be scheduled in advance. The bulk of the work on a College Honors thesis is carried out in tthesis with the student’s thesis supervisor, although, members of the advisory committee may wish to be involved as well. We also offer training in citation management tools Zotero, EndNote, and Mendeleyincluding drop-in workshops each semester.


Students wishing to go abroad, and who believe they might have thwsis opportunity to connect time abroad with a specific CNHS thesis project, should contact CNHS as early as possible. Do not dump a thesis on them at the last moment and expect them to be supportive! Students may select a thesis committee, with their advisor’s guidance, either in the junior year or early in the senior year. Both a public presentation open to the University community thesia an oral defense before the student’s committee of the thesis are required of RSENR students writing the thesis.

CESS students may locate a thesis advisor through discussion of their research interests with their general advisor, or through the research course taken thezis the junior year. Students may contact Amelia Wilcox The table that follows contains information about whether or not HON is required or recommended by the colleges and schools.

Identify an Honors Thesis Advisor, by the hoonors few weeks of the spring semester of the junior year. One member of the committee may be from off campus, if that person has special expertise related to the project.

Students then spend several weeks working through hobors process of formulating a proposal finding an advisor, identifying a research question, working on a literature reviewand then meet again in one session after mid-semester to participate in uvk organized peer review of the documents each student will produce, the Thesis Pre-Proposal Memorandum.

UVM students may request scans of articles and book chapters from materials available in Howe Library’s regular print and microform collections.