In his autobiography he took great pains to circumvent his own sympathies with right wing positions. Wundt himself moved ethnopsychology methodologically close to child psychology in “Die Philosophie des primitiven Menschen”, in W. Verwoerd felt that the political situation, that had evolved over the previous century under British rule in South Africa, called for reform. His goal in founding the Republic of South Africa, thereby leaving the Commonwealth , was to preserve minority rule by white Afrikaners over the various non-white ethnic groups, including Bantu , Khoisan , Coloured and Indian people, who were the majority of South Africa’s population. Nationalism and Racism in South Africa”. In he published a poster condemning mixed marriages depicting a black man and white woman living in poverty. Racist versions of stage theories are closely related to cultural theories, but they radicalise cultural theories by explaining the differences between the advances of societies in terms of biological differences.

This racist assumption conceded that African children developed similarly to Europeans until puberty, at which point a divergence occurred. The Institute had members i. Lewin together with Hans Rupp was working in the field of applied psychology at the University of Berlin during the time of Verwoerd’s stay there. Entwurf einer systematischen Theorie Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft, Leipzig, , pp 20 and. Critics contend that eugenics was usually taught at medical faculties during this period. Out of this emerges the idea of change through magic – an idea, which to my mind already implies causality.

Moodie, The Rise of Afrikanerdom: Tagung der Deutschen Philosophischen Gesellschaft”, in F. Since his undergraduate years, Verwoerd’s primary interest had been the so-called “poor white problem” in South Africa, 55 and this remained the focus of his academic and early political activities from until The lack of shape of the objective event and the affectation connected to the novelty, to the strangeness of this event work hand in hand und intensify each other Experimental methodologies and those peculiar to the humanities support each other to develop a theory of primitive consciousness and intellectual development.


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Then they were shown their own drawings together with others, including one drawn by an adult with the cylinder in the correct perspective. Vorwerg, Wilhelm Wundt, Erbe und Gegenwart. Verwoerd’s Croll Scholarship began in January and was valid until the end of his stay overseas in January Heads of States and Governments.

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They lead through the individual life from the psychology of the embryo to that of old age, from the lowest “primary-primitive” tribes Verwoerd returned with his wife to South Africa in and was appointed to the chair of Applied Psychology and Psycho Technique at the University of Stellenbosch where, six years later, he vfrwoerd Professor of Sociology and Social Work.

That this kind of thought is not a thing of the past can still be seen in more recent comparisons of “primitive” peoples to children, for example C. Albert Wellek, a student of Krueger’s in the s, explained that feelings lost their intensity when under observation, making it impossible to analyse them.

Krueger’s theoretical conceptualisation of holistic psychology encouraged the absorption of both volkish ideologies and nationalist ones.

The significance of space and setting : a critical analysis of selected South African fiction

On 7 Augustthe United Nations Security Council passed Resolution calling for a voluntary arms embargo against South Africa, and in the same year, a Special Committee Against Apartheid hr established to encourage and oversee plans of action against the authorities. English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation.

The relativisation of universal criteria thesiz analysis was not restricted to the developmental psychology of the individual but also played an important role in adapting cultural relativism to ethnopsychology. Desnieteenstaande kon geen ideologiese invloed op Verwoerd gevind word in die argiewe in Suid-Afrika en Duitsland nie maar die wetenskaplike impak van die Duitse psigologie op hom kan nie ontken word nie.


It verworrd necessary to present himself to the director, attend the first meeting in the semester and make personal contact with the lecturer in charge as well as those persons conducting independent research. These thesix formations were made up of the same basic units, differing from each other only in the complexity of their structure and the number and combination of the sensations and associations.

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South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid

He conceded that gestalt psychology was a step in the right jf but maintained that a conclusive psychological and philosophical explanation of the psyche could only be provided by the Leipzig school. Meiring also studied there. It was therefore not simply a more radical variant of gestalt theory but was underpinned by a different psychological epistemology altogether.

Kurt Koffka called these patterns “structures”.

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On the “theory” of arrested development and with reference to Kidd, see S. Wundt’s ethnopsychology therefore had a much longer and stronger impact on his successors than did his elementalist psychology. Apartheid became the regime’s preoccupation since and verwofrd ensuing social divisions impacted negatively on the Africans and the country’s literature.

This was also the first time in 12 years of government that the National Party was able to gain a majority in the white electorate.

hf verwoerd thesis

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Volkelt apparently knew Kidd’s book. On the congress of the New Education Fellowship, see S.

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Like Krueger, Volkelt engaged with Wundt’s ethnopsychology again and again over the years. Krueger attempted to relativise Kant’s rationalist and enlightenment stance in order to claim him for a German nationalist tradition.

On Krueger’s activities as a philosopher see C.