Here is what that teacher does that you did not have to as a homeschool teacher: I do have a question or two. My facebook page is Heather Shumaker Writer and it’s posted there, too. We agreed to no homework and that it was still his responsibility to master what kids were learning in class. D” and used the phrase “she seeked out free help”. They also need to learn that there are jobs for everyone, that they need to do what they’re asked as well, and there are certain parameters of behavior within which they need to operate.

If nothing is wrong with home then the child most likely has a disability or is just bad. Time to write THAT letter again. I’m feeling pretty disappointed. That sounds like a great option for schooling! I also agree with the person who commented about city kids, that was my situation. We learned about math in the daily world and had to find something where math was used. We teachers work for them.

Look at the academic success of Finland, where no homework is the norm. Harris Cooper, a psychologist and neuroscientist at Duke University, conducted a comprehensive review of nearly research studies and found that homework has no evidence of academic benefit for elementary school students.

Good to hear your story, Marta. My job is to give my kids an awesome foundation excellency over the 3 ‘R’s so to speak and then help them realize their God given interests and talents. I went into teaching because I loved working with children and watching them light up as they grew and discovered homeowrk things.


Every subject deals with life, why can’t homework deal with life?

Homework Letter Update – Heather Shumaker

This “homework” is ridiculous. It would be a wonderful addition. I would always check it and high five them. Thanks for making the language so easy to use! Many educators feel assigning a lot of homework makes them look like they are doing their job and or are good teachers.

This also kept the parents in the loop – they knew what was being covered in school. Here is what that teacher does that you hmework not have to as a homeschool teacher: I’m curious, what did you do with the students who did no work in the classroom?

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Many children lack the family interaction and proper rest which are so necessary for successful learning. Children rebel against homework because they have other things they need to do. I now have a high school senior and a seventh grader, both of whom manage their own homework pretty well. I did not do homework in elementary school. What about special projects or reports that may be assigned? I worked and worked, and by the time I was in high school things got better.

Further, if I were you, I’d send that same letter to the editor of my local paper and ask them to print it, along with the name of your new book. They lived on dairy farms and had chores to do – their family’s survival depended on it. Along with continual testing for timed reading or math test on a weekly basis. There are so many distractions in class that it can be challenging to teach everything in such a short span of time. I think you also lose connection if you aren’t reviewing what is being taught in the classroom and how it is being taught.


I am a teacher and parent hdather 3 who hates homework. Non-academic priorities good sleep, family relationships and active playtime are vital for balance and well-being. Best of luck with the book and its promotion.

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I couldn’t agree with you more Erin. You may be surprised to learn that research supports this. Complicated and overwhelming don’t even begin to describe it.

Why Parents Should Not Make Kids Do Homework

Time doing family chores. I have been teaching for 5 years now, 5th and 6th grade. I have seen the difficulties they faced. For heathfr next book, I’m digging into research that shows that there is no evidence that homework at the elementary school age helps at all. And, if you do a little digging, you’ll find that our present school system was set up to assist in churning out perfect little factory workers that would excel homweork the industrial environment after graduating school.

Time goofing around and picking their nose.

heather shumaker homework