Actually, it does not matter that MNC and all very good in compare of Indian companies. Very large multinationals have budgets that exceed those of many small countries. In my point of view Indian companies are not inferior than MNCs because now these days Indian companies are also become multinational companies. In my opinion there are both positive and negative points regarding MNC’s. As a result of a study of Michael Kidron entitled Foreign Investment in India published in and the follow up discussions in which many economists participated and the appearance of the Industrial Licensing Policy Inquiry Committee Report in , the belief got strengthened that imports of foreign technology were overpriced and were designed to perpetrate dependence.

Current Affairs Interview Questions and Answers. And the Indian Companies are still at stake because of the bureaucratic procedures, right from registering till liquidation. Why because, Most of the Indian people are leaving to foreign and they use their knowledge and technology to MNC’s. A company is a judge by its employees. However, these tended to become routine;. If you see the populous list of companies operated in india, one could say that almost all are MNC’s.

The main issue is that MNCs had started their international operations years before and Indian firms have started it now in an aggressive manner. Indian company not giving the facilities. This would supegior clear from the fact that of the total 12, foreign collaboration agreements approved in 40 years between andas many as 6, i.

MNC’s provide good infrastructure, provide good salary to the employees. The service we get ewsay MNC’s is less comparable than India’s i. It is the one of the largest plant manufacturing power plant machinery and one of the reasons for its growth is using state of art technologies by collaborating with top MNCs like GE.


Though they do help in transferring technology to underdeveloped countries.

Is MNCs Superior to Indian Companies?

These rules and regulation do not find in Indian companies. Moreover entire resources and products are used for national development purpose only. Thus, a large number of agreements were oj for the manufacture of products which were non-essential or which could be produced with the help of local technology. Companies like wipro are doing government jobs.

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Is MNCs Superior to Indian Companies? – Group Discussion

Even investors and banks of the host country are eager to invest in it. Each case is discussed on its indiab merits by the authorities. So please develop Indian company instead of developing foreign countries. But apart from it we should think of our nation too.

essay on is mncs superior to indian companies

I think this was a good exposure for me. And MNCs are best.

The MNC’s recruit only well talented and skilled people if this goes on who will provide work to the slow learners. Here is also cut-throat competition for the higher post and package and yes, the ultimate goal is to go 0ff-shore. Hi friends if every one goes for MNC’s and follow foreign culture. I believe if any individual possesses some extraordinary skills then for them discrimination regarding companies doesn’t matter.

As we iis know Mncs are beneficial in our country in certain ways like it is creating more job opportunities in our country, creating competition, coming up with newer technologies and improving the quality of goods and services.

These items included vacuum flasks, lipstick, toothpaste, cosmetics, brassieres, ice-cream, gin, beer, biscuits, dry batteries and readymade garments.

Essay on Multinational Corporations (MNCs) in India

Really I speak to all of our friends, MNC companies are great, They are doing good, we have to accept this first, After joined some of our friends into the MNC they got some respect from others, Because everybody wants money man. Assume, you one of the member of a real group discussion. Example Tata steel is the largest steel generating company in the world.


Whereas Indian companies don’t focus on people development, except few big business houses, who adopted this by expanding their business beyond boundaries. We still are promoting or motivating foreign MNCs more than Indian. MNCs intend improve on productivity, so they motivate by improving the living standard of the individual by facilitating personal growth monetarily not necessarily very good and facility wise.

Indian companies are also developing at fast rate. The MNC’s extends thier assets and facilities in more co,panies one country like Walmart has operated in about 28 essya and many other companies also like this – Volkswagen, Toyota motors, Toshiba, Honda, BMW and all.

essay on is mncs superior to indian companies

Employees’ talent are highly recognized at MNC in which our people fail caste, recommendation, influence make talented people lose their hope. If they get maximum revenue in Euro, Dollars Or in any costliest currency this picture will change. We companiies more worried about our society. Everyone want to get indoan in MNC because we want to grow up in our society with help of good job and salary which is provided by MNC.

We as Indians believes in hard work usuallythey are the one’s which tries to do in simple and lucid style i.