It recommended for state funding of elections. Either they do not have money and muscle power or party affiliation. However, in a corrupted institution, politics becomes the easiest route to achieve economic ends. If this does not happen the basic interests of the ordinary citizens will be affected. The government was forced to interfere with the market forces.

D emocracy is said to be, for the people, by the people and of the people. So the goal is just to get maximum number of votes by any means. At present we very often come across the words criminalisation of politics. Corruption Perception Index has ranked India as 76th. Each person knows that that system or practice is corrupt. It is a matter of serious concern that a large number of MPs and MLAs with criminal records are entering the law making bodies. The Supreme Court bench of Justices A.

On the one hand, India has excessive procedures that allow the bureaucracy to insert itself in the ordinary life of people; on the other hand, it appears woefully understaffed to perform its most crucial functions.

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Both came to an understanding to help each other and this led to the criminalisation of politics. On proper and regular investigation it has been found that there is a gap between the aims of service providers and the persons getting services. India practices Parliamentary poiltics of government with a territorial representation.


The second reason for criminalisation of politics is the vote bank politics.

Criminalization of Politics in India [Mains Article]

Hence gaining something by the use of political power is a crime and is also punishable. The chief aim was to control the private enterprises which provide all sorts of public utility services. They have significant government linkages, political patronage and operate with impurity.

It recommended for state funding of elections. We have forgotten Plato and also the importance of values morality, ethics etc. As a result gross violations of laws is witnessed. There are various constituencies and whoever gets the highest votes in that particular constituency wins the seat and becomes MP or MLA. Otherwise the nation will be wasting resources and time for nothing to be achieved.

That is why all sorts of unfair means are practiced to secure votes. We can say politics has criminalised everything and the administration tops the list. India as a part of the world system cannot stay outside It.

But the law-makers are themselves parts of criminal activities.

Criminalization of Politics: Nature, Causes and Recent Developments

This criminallsation the outcome of the Supreme Court Judgement in The purpose is to win the election. This is the policy of give-and-take and this happens behind the curtain. Our Constitution ensures a Socialist, Secular State and equality, fraternity among its citizens. The criminailsation should be idle and they should have the qualities of a social servant. The forms prescribed by the Election Commission for candidates disclosing their convictions, cases pending in courts and so on in their nomination papers is a step in the right direction if it applied properly.


The administration whose duty is to execute criminaliaation laws and prevent the malpractices becomes a party to the whole nexus. The government was forced to interfere with the market forces. This is really a disgrace on the part of the members of parliament.

essay on criminalisation of politics in india

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The economic issues are determined by the market forces. After the judgment of the Supreme court the stand of the Election Commission will be strengthened.

essay on criminalisation of politics in india

Essential Features of Indian Administrative System. In pursuance to the above observation, inInderjit Gupta Committee was formed.

So criminalisation of politics means to use politics or political power for nefarious gains. Less qualified and inefficient civil servants get promotion. Ordinary people also give bribe to the officers to get quick service.