They also have boiled lamb, zhua fan meaning grasping rice, a typical Xinjiang staple food , and a unique folk food named “Na Ren”. Just as the Saxon holiday of Ostara was embraced by Christianity and become Easter in the West, Navruz traditions, which had grown strong roots in the life of Eurasian farmers and townspeople, survived the coming of Islam to the area 1. The bread is eaten with Ugra Oshi. Sumalak is prepared for twenty-four hours. Similar criticism was levelled against hard rock and rap music in an extensive campaign a year ago.

Persian Lesson 71 — Norouz: The origin of the festival is ancient Iranian and associated with the sun worship and the name of the legendary soothsayer Zarathustra. As it boils, it will thicken, but stir continually. This holiday is very important for uzbeks. Persepolis – “City of Persians” – was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire ca.

To ensure good luck for the coming year, this person should have a “happy foot”; he or she should be kind, gentle, witty, and pious and have a good reputation. Ancient Un, the Japanese and many Native American tribes also have historical holidays that were tied to the spring solstice. Uzbekistan is not the only Central Asian state to frown on celebrating Western holidays.

Navruz – Central Asian New Year

In southern Russia, the Bashkirs probably adopted the celebration of Navruz from Persian tribes that once lived in the Ural Valley. First, young men in a community collect products for the making of a common meal and embroidered “prizes” for boliday winners of running, dancing and singing competitions that will be held. Persian name What it is What it symbolises somaq a bright red spice made from crushed berries sunrise and the spice of life sonbol hyacinth spring sekeh coins prosperity senjed the sweet dry fruit of the lotus tree love seeb apples health and beauty samanu a sweet pudding made from wheat the sweetness of life sabzeh sprouted wheat nowruzz rebirth and the renewal of nature Some other symbolic objects are placed on the table, depending on the traditions of each family.


I really love read UK session because I can read a lot of things I have never heard. The brighter Navruz will be, the more generous nature will reward people in the New Year. For the next 13 days that follow 21 March people visit their relatives, neighbours and friends, organise joyful festivitiesholiday bazaars and sports competitionsplant young trees and start working in the field. Crowds make an effort to touch this special pole. This holiday is very important for uzbeks.

essay about nowruz holiday in uzbekistan

Today, Uzbeks still serve a traditional meal of “sumalyak”which tastes like molasses-flavored cream of wheat and is made from flour and sprouted wheat grains. If it becomes too thick, add water.


Novruz promotes the values of peace and solidarity between generations and within families, as well as reconciliation and neighbourliness, thus contributing to cultural diversity and friendship among peoples and various communities. There are actually more than seven, but here are some of the uzbkeistan common.

On this day people cook festal meals, the principal dishes being khalisa and sumalak a wheat bran pudding cooked only once a year, for Navruz, to which they treat their friends, relatives and all who happen to visit them at this time. A large bamboo buffalo is constructed near the temple and covered with paper painted in red, black, white, green and yellow, which symbolize the five elements of the universe fire, water, metal, wood and earth.

Newroz as celebrated by Kurds Students celebrate Newroz in Dicle refers to the celebration of the traditional Iranic peoples new year holiday of Nowruz in Kurdish. This is all about the symbols that are used on this occasion,” Ikbol told AFP.

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essay about nowruz holiday in uzbekistan

Nowruz literally “new day” marks the first day of spring and the beginning. By reading this article,I can know different festivals around the world. Read this college essay and over 1, others like it now. The table must also contain an incense-burner for aromas and a water-filled vessel in which a live fish is placed to symbolize a happy life full of activity and movement.


The most famous of Navruz dish is sumalak, made from germinated grains and stirred for a whole day by the women of the neighborhood. Today, people wear often don new clothes and prefer bright colors such as red as well as white and blue. If they succeed, the owner must treat them generously; however, if they fail, they must treat the owner. An old man or an old woman must taste it, and then they will pass it on to friends.


It is said that its purpose is to memorialize ancestors engaging in farming. Mostly they are the same as those observed in Uzbekistan but the names are different.

Currently, Navruz is celebrated as the beginning of a new year in Iran and Afghanistan, and as an official holiday in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Iraqi Kurdistan, India, Macedonia and Turkey, as well as in some of the republics of the Russian Federation, uabekistan as Tatarstan and Bashkortostan.

Persepolis – “City of Persians” – was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire ca. The program was introduced navruz in uzbekistan essay by.

Before the holiday, young men will try to secretly clear out the cattle shed of a prosperous man with a marriageable daughter. In my country,Nowruz is not celebrated.