Also as current scenario of Indian economy, inflation, farmer conditions, India’s large young labour force not being fully utilised for the economic development , we need to reconsider the thoughts of Dr. But what made the contortions of the Indian money market so obnoxious was the circumstance that the seasonal fluctuations in the discount rate were so abnormal. Sections of this page. One way is to close the Mint and to leave it to the discretion of the Government to manipulate the currency to suit the needs. But that may be too radical a proposal, and I do not therefore press for it, although I regard it as essentially sound. With proper limitation, enforced by absolute convertibility into gold coin which may be freely melted or exported, it has been proved by theory and experience that small holdings of gold are perfectly sufficient to meet all internal and international demands. But some of his general approach to the problem of the rupee is still relevant:

All silver bullion or coin brought for coinage to the Mint, in accordance with the said Mint-rules, shall be subject to a duty at the rate of 2 per cent. Caste System is not merely the division of labour but a division of labourers also. The opportunity for defrauding the poor and the ignorant thus provided could not have been less than that known to have obtained in England before the great re-coinage of In the absence of a common currency this resource operation was considerably hampered. Willis, History of the Latin monetary Union, Chicago, , pp. Laing looked upon it as an easy means of making a transition to the gold standard.

No doubt, England had placed herself on a gold basis in That an Imperial Administration should have been by force of necessity led to the establishment of a common currency for the whole of India is quite conceivable.

Considerable reluctance was shown to the demagnetisation of gold.

The problem of rupee dsc thesis paper

Babasaheb Ambedkars contribution to economic development and progress of women is significant. If not presented within a certain time, a cheque may become stale and valueless, and is therefore inferior to a note as a store of wealth.

The like endeavors of the Government of Madrasproved more futile than those of Bengal. The only concession that ruoee Secretary of State was willing to make was to permit ” that gold coin should be received into public treasuries at a rate to be fixed by Government thf publicly announced by Proclamation ” without making it a general legal tender in India. But this disadvantage was not sufficient to discourage other banks from indulging in the peoblem of issue which was left open to them by law.


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A charge of one-fourth per mile on gold bullion and coin, and of one per mile on silver bullion and coin, shall also be levied for melting or cutting such bullion and coin so as to render the same fit for receipt into the Mint. He therefore introduced two important provisos in the original Bill, when the task of carrying it through fell upon him, owing to the untimely death of Mr. Infamous paper help trail mission walkthrough by The Congress backed Indian business in calling for a devaluation.

Of course, there could be nothing inherently wrong in the maintenance by a Government of an Independent Treasury, and if its operations were to have a resultant connection with the operations of the business community no harm need arise. But that was not enough, and the needs of the situation demanded a common currency based on a single unit in place of a uniform currency.

dsc thesis the problem of rupee

The third phase in the process of evolution of provincial administration was the scheme of budget by shared revenues. They contained the following provisions regarding the public balances: By way of compensation for the loss of their right of note issue, the Presidency banks were given certain concession by the Government under agreements entered into in accordance with Act XXIV of His DSc thesis “The problems of Rupee, its origin and solution For some time no gold was received, as at the rate prescribed by the Proclamation gold was undervalued But the Australian and Californian gold discoveries altered the situation entirely.

In Bengal the Government, on June 2,determined upon the issue of a gold mohur weighing It is true that the Government of India also came in for trouble as a result of this disturbance in the relative value of gold and silver, but that trouble was due to its own silly act.


Tax should be imposed on payers capacity and not on income.

dsc thesis the problem of rupee

Labour problem Ambedkar supported trade union movement and right to strike against capitalism. Ambedkar also knew that the problem of the rupee is eventually linked prolem the problem of domestic inflation. It is very true that ink dries From the pens of Castiest Indian media when writing or publishing anything about him. It marked the culminating-point of a long and arduous process of monetary reform and placed India on a silver monometallic basis, with a rupee weighing grs.

The Mint Master, on the delivery of gold or silver bullion or coin into the Mint for coinage, shall grant to the proprietor a receipt which shall entitle him to a certificate from the Assay Master for the net produce of such fo or coin payable at the General Treasury. Only an Indian who topped in Top world’s first Talented person according to Cambridge university, England And as the paper currency gave no relief, the entire stress fell upon silver.

So secure did they feel about the currency situation that inwhen the Mint Law came to be revised and consolidated, they were content, as though nothing had happened or was likely to happen, to allow the silver standard of to continue pure and unsullied by any admixture of gold.

As fast as rupees have been coined they have been taken into the interior and have there disappeared from circulation, either in the Indian substitute for stocking-foot or in the smelting-pot into bangles. His proposals were accepted by the Government of India and were communicated to the Secretary of State for his sanction. Views of Taxation policy. Concept of Human Capital.

dsc thesis the problem of rupee

Your session has expired, please login again. Realising its position, it left aside all considerations of augmenting revenue by increased coinage, and promptly issued on December 25,another Proclamation withdrawing that of