However, the limited number of markers applied, resulted in large confidence intervals and imprecise mapping of QTL-regions e. Dematawewa CM, Berger PJ Effect of dystocia on yield, fertility, and cow losses and an economic evaluation of dystocia scores for Holsteins. Science New York, N. The effects of all chromosomes were fitted simultaneously []. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

The chromosomes harbouring significantly associated SNPs account for Individual genome sequencing of livestock animals — en route to genomic selection 2. So far, the number of validated QTNs is very limited and their identification still renders a difficult task [31],[32]. Significant improvements of the bovine assembly are expected in the near future due to numerous finished and ongoing bovine sequencing projects [84],[85],[86],[87]. The past effective population size N e was estimated based on a comprehensive dataset comprising FV bulls born between and genotyped with the Illumina BovineSNP 50K Bead chip. The grey and blue bars indicate the fraction of phenotypic variance attributed to a particular chromosome and QTL region, respectively.

Most likely, the QTL remained undetected in the HF sample because of the rather indirect phenotype ‘paternal calving ease’. Increasing the sample size pausdh applying denser SNP panels might allow for the identification of additional QTL with smaller effects [3], however the number of detectable QTL is even limited in large scale GWAS [15] and depends on the genetic architecture of the trait [16],[17]. Therefore, they do not allow to unravel non-additive effects. During her studies, Qianqian Zhang has explored different strategies on utilization of whole genome sequence variants from next generation sequencing in cattle breeding.

However, the decision about the appropriate number of employed axes is controversial [75]. There are no clues to external environmental effects on the development of SNTs. Diffusion- and functional MRI are promising avenues for revealing functional organization in the living human brain since they provide noninvasive measurements pertaining to the anatomy of cortical connectivity and the physiology hibert brain activity.


A Map of genes contained in this region. Discussion Coat colour phenotypes are routinely recorded for a large number of females, while genotyping is routinely performed in males in the FV breed.

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The GWAS was performed using a mixed model based approach to account for population stratification. The associated region on bovine chromosome 14 is conserved in human chromosome 8q21 which has been shown to be associated with adult height [22].

The star locates the candidate quantitative trait nucleotide position, ablating a poly A site. SNTs negatively affect machine milking ability, especially if SNTs are connected to lactating mammary glands [1],[2]. In addition to the highly significant association with the pCE EBV on chromosome 14, that was already observed in the analysis without correction for stratification, the PCA – based analysis now also revealed significant association on chromosome 21 Figure 1A.

Estimated breeding values EBVs for calving traits are used as selection hugert in attempts to reduce calving problems both in dairy and beef breeds e.

(PDF) Genome-wide analysis of complex traits in cattle | Hubert Pausch –

The final dataset comprised animals and 43, SNPs. The paternal half-sib families and maternal grand-sire families encompass up to 94 and members with an average of eight and six members, respectively.

dissertation hubert pausch

Mechanisms of Development Totally, the seven chromosomes with identified QTL account for Genome-wide association studies offer a powerful tool to gain insights into the genetic architecture of complex traits and concomitantly contribute to explain the suitability of different models for genomic prediction for specific traits.

The calving process is described by a score ranging from 1 unassisted delivery to 4 surgical delivery, fetotomy. A subset of principal components was extracted to represent the relatedness between animals with the PCA-based model, while the entire SNP information was incorporated in the genomic relationship matrix for the mixed model.


Qianqian Zhang: Towards Cattle Precision Breeding Using Next Generation Sequencing

However, progeny-derived phenotypes act purely additively as they are not directly assessed in the genotyped animals. Year Distinction Research award dissertaation the H. Stillbirth can be considered as the dichotomic manifestation of the calving ease score, as dystocia is a major cause of perinatal mortality.

Natural Selection or Social Preference? Cordell HJ Detecting gene-gene interactions that underlie human diseases. Assessment of the genomic variation in the Fleckvieh breed by re-sequencing at low to medium coverage.

dissertation hubert pausch

Polymorphism analysis of genes in a 3. Candidate gene polymorphisms were genotyped in these animals, and the genotypes of the remaining animals of the study population were inferred using the EM algorithm implemented in fastPHASE. Red numbers indicate chromosomes with identified QTL. DYDs for UC were available for animals.

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Moreover, the moduli space of flat connections, or more generally of Yang–Mills connections, is closely related to the moduli space of holomorphic bundles obtained from geometric invariant theory. However, the characteristics of distinct cattle populations differ considerably [31]. Log In Sign Up. The benefit of an increasing marker density Four QTL predisposing to supernumerary teats were identified in a sample of animals genotyped at 43, SNPs Chapter 3.

Summary Summary The development of high-density single nucleotide polymorphisms SNP panels enables to interrogate genotypes for a large number of polymorphic sites simultaneously.