For articles retrieved from databases, include the URL of the journal home page. Every organization uses physical resources, financial resources and human resources to attain its goals. General Document Guidelines A. In other words, a significant difference exists between the perceptions of academic and non-academic groups with regards to the means of recruiting personnel. Abstract from secondary database Garrity, K. Although Launchberry reported successful implementation of a ‘Human Resource Strategy’ in one new university, it was thought by many as the exception rather than the rule.

We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Second in rank was the observation that promotion process takes about five months; third, that it takes around one to two months and fourth, three to four months. The body of the paper begins on a new page. If no author is identified, use the first few words of the title in place of the author. Findings of the study may assist the University in planning new directions through the application of modern techniques of human resource management that can guide them so as to achieve its vision, mission, goals and objectives. The primary task is to put the importance of HRM into its proper perspective — as a basis for performing all personnel functions.

Every department or agency shall therefore establish a continuing program for career and personnel development for all agency personnel at all levels and shall create an environment or work climate conducive to the development of personnel skills, talents and values for better service http: Specific Objectives The specific objectives must be explicit, precise, and expected results are verifiable.

Help Center Find new research papers in: In simple sense, HRM means employing people, developing their resources, utilizing, maintaining and compensating their services in tune with the job and organizational requirement Armstrong, The first time the Bible is cited in the text, identify the version used.

Findings of the study by Appelbaum et al investigating the link between high performance work systems implemented through HRM and company performance showed that HRM helped employees in three vital areas: The chi square coefficient of The human resource unit has faced a long uphill struggle for recognition of its ability to contribute to organizational goals attainment.


There was uncertainty regarding the length of promotion process but appointment papers were released as soon as it is signed by the President.

There is a remarkable difference in the perceptions of the two personnel groups when it comes to this specific human resource management practice. When the names of the sxmple of a source are part of the formal structure of the sentence, the year of publication appears in parentheses following the identification of the authors.

Scope and Limitation of the Study o The scope of the study includes what the study is all about, the reason why the study is conducted and how it will be made. In the same way, Bryson stated that the stability of a workforce is essential and HRs contribution to this, although difficult to measure, helps reduce risk for an organization.

Performance Evaluation Instrument for evaluation.

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A quotation of fewer than 40 thessis should be enclosed in double quotation marks and should be incorporated into the formal structure of the sentence.

Test statistics for the non-academic group with a weighted mean of 3. Are there differences in the perceptions of the two respondent groups as to the acceptability of the existing practices of human resource management in Cavite State University? The Human Resource Management Office of the CvSU has been delegated to accomplish organizational objectives by acquiring, developing, properly utilizing, retaining and terminating human resources of the University.

The overall mean of 3. However, Towers comprised the role of the human resource departments into five core activities which include resourcing, training and development, rewards systems, communications and general administration.

Hypothesis There is no significant difference in the perception of academic and non- dvsu personnel as to the acceptability of the human resource management practices of Cavite State University, Don Severino de las Alas Campus.


cvsu thesis sample

Sanctions received by the personnel if they fail to finish the program. His assumption was that providing the basic needs of workers to develop self-esteem and sense of belongingness.

The effectiveness of the recruitment program is of great importance because recruitment decisions can be a lifetime.

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The perceptions of the two personnel groups do not differ when it comes to their level of acceptability of the practice of choosing the personnel considered for promotion. There are significant differences in the perception of the academic and ssmple personnel when it comes to the implementation of the reason for evaluation.

The Likelihood chi square coefficient of Perceived problems on the practices of the HRMO as reported by the respondents coming from both the academic and non-academic sectors, come as no surprise, therefore, given the numbers of people employed, the size of the payroll, the number of egos to satisfy and squash, and the contribution the office is expected to make in productivity and efficiency gains both of the personnel and the university.

This refers to the systematic or autonomy action of any profession. The format should be as follows:.

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However, they differ in the variables used. If you need this or any other sample, thseis can send it to you via email.

Aspitar used work of life and productivity while the present study considered acceptability as the dependent variable. Commas separate all authors. Skinner personal communication, February 12, claimed ….