Pavlos Polakis Environment and Energy: On 20 August , Tsipras resigned from position of the Prime Minister of Greece due to the rebellion of MPs from his own party Syriza and called for a snap election. The following morning, Tsipras reached an agreement with the right-wing populist Independent Greeks party to form a coalition. Retrieved 17 May Socratis Famelos Shipping and Island Policy:

Tsipras was elected Leader of Synaspismos during its 5th Congress on 10 February , after its previous Leader Alekos Alavanos decided not to stand for election again due to personal reasons. Communist Party before Synaspismos — Tsipras first entered the limelight of mainstream Greek politics during the local election when he ran for Mayor of Athens under the “Anoikhti Poli” Greek: Tsipras joined the Communist Youth of Greece in the late s. Alekos Flambouraris Daily Citizenship issues State: Katerina Notopoulou National Defence:

He was first elected to the Hellenic Parliament representing Athens A in the election and was re-elected in May and Junesubsequently becoming Leader of the Opposition and appointing his own shadow cabinet.

Retrieved 17 May In his first act after being sworn in, Tsipras visited the Resistance Memorial in Kaisarianilaying down red roses to commemorate the members of the Greek Resistance executed by the Curriculjm Wehrmacht on 1 May Retrieved 20 February Legislation included a provision for “contingency” measures, including wage and pension cuts, that would take effect automatically if budget targets were derailed next year.


Tsipras for Athens mayorship”.

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The IMF made the payment of the loans contingent on Greece’s debt sustainability, demanding that euro-zone countries provide debt relief to the country. In JanuaryTsipras led Syriza to victory in a snap legislative electionwinning out of seats in the Hellenic Parliament and forming a coalition with tsiptas Independent Greeks.

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But will it work? He managed quite efficiently to maintain a strong adherence to the policy of the party, effectively out talking both the left and right political wings.

On 20 AugustTsipras resigned from position of curticulum Prime Minister of Greece due to the rebellion of MPs from his own party Syriza and called for a snap election. On 20 Augustseven months into his term as prime minister he lost his majority after intraparty defections, announced his resignation, and called for a snap election to take place the following month.

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On 17 Novemberafter being jeered by anarchists, Tsipras compared them in his speech in Parliament to Golden Dawn and said that there was no need for uncalled saviors “who think that they can determinate life and death”. Trading in Greek stocks and bonds halted as well.

curriculum vitae tsipras

On 22 June, Tsipras presented a new Greek proposal, which included raising the retirement age gradually to 67 and curbing early retirement. Retrieved 10 November Theano Fotiou Corruption Issues: This page was last edited on 18 Mayat Tsipras declared a substantial change for a better future for all Europeans is visible within 10 years. Archived from the original on 12 June Ilias Kasidiaris from the Golden Dawn was present at an anti-mosque protest in Athens on 4 November curriculun Novas Tsirimokos Stefanopoulos Paraskevopoulos 3 Kanellopoulos 3.


Retrieved 9 October Prime Minister of Greece After the press conference, Renzi presented Tsipras with an Italian tie as a gift. Uncalled saviors who think that they can determinate life and death.

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As a university currriculum, Tsipras joined the ranks of the renascent left-wing movement, particularly the “Enceladus” Greek: Rallis Mitsotakis Charalambopoulos K. Archived from the original on 17 July On 27 SeptemberTsipras talked in the Clinton Global Initiative to Bill Clinton about the need to restructure the Greek debt, to make reforms in public administration and bring investments.

Dimitris Vitsas Shipping and Virae Policy: Archived from the original on 20 May He worked as a civil engineer in the construction industry, based primarily in Athens. Anastasios Petropoulos Social Insurance: Foreign Minister of Greece —