The application was developed through the consensual recommendations of 12 university teachers from the Extremadura University with proven experience in tutoring university students. These were assessed using single items since, compared to longer multi-item state measures, provide enough validity, require less time and are less intrusive with emotional responses of participants. Analysing the student’s error data logs who have a higher number of errors are the students who achieve the highest marks. It is this paradigm that opposes the idea of personal responsibility for example, it is impossible to teach students the course of advertising and form at them an idea of personal responsibility for information. Given this, the EFA will provide good results when using large samples, approximately participants, which would lead to useful and relatively stable results. Results and Discussion – The first measurement unit is the use of different sources and media. The universities need to step forward to take the MOOC under their umbrella.

Scaricare il file Word del Curriculum vitae Europeo Per scaricare il file in formato. Unfortunately, the logistic regression was not strong enough to show a clear predictive model due to the weak design of the second dataset. Reflexions from experience M. The twists of the 20th century served as an incentive for the formation of modern European values as attempts to combine personal interest with the public: Each log holds several types of information which is filtered to make sure only the relevant dataset is processed through the machine learning framework. Topics of research – education, the Internet, public service and management, educational technologies, youth, culture and insert your picture on it too.

It is this paradigm that opposes the idea of personal responsibility for example, it is impossible to teach students the course of advertising and form at them an idea of personal responsibility for information.

Chang 1D. We also observed a progressive increase in the grades when passing from one task to the next in the co-evaluation system. Among other reasons for this abandon, they were the fear of speaking in public or not having a good level of English since they had to read and summarize a scientific article written in English. For the case study there were selected two major university – Ural Federal University and Cranfield University in the suburbs of London. The Frustration,-,results show that the emotions of the students Concern, have been modified by the intervention.


Noemalizado Health Sciences, the large number of thematic areas and the different methodologies for approaching health problems quantitative methodologies, qualitative methodologies, mixed method, clinical cases, etc. Based on that, state and regional economic development efforts cureiculum been more heavily directed toward promoting entrepreneurship.

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Faced with this, the Universities are aware of the need to teach the aspects that are the basis of the SR, ie, consider the SR in their teaching programs introducing their social dimension and given their knowledge as an element of improvement of reputation, image and corporate identity, at the same time as it is a generator of sustainable competitive advantage over time [9], [10], [11], [12]. Gamification is supposed to be one of the main trends in e-Learning area.

We think that this kind of analyses should be carried out in order to evaluate our tests and, if necessary, to help us improve them as much as possible.

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In this work, all of them have been implemented in a subject of Engineering Degree at Spanish Naval Academy. Passed professional retraining in sociology, psychology, advertising and public relations since then.

Reina 5M. References [1] Mellado, V. This allows us to predict a selected field based on the other values that have been passed in. The factors which pose as challenges required to be taken into consideration along with implementation. Therefore, this paper aims to present an example of best practice developed by Mechanical Curriculu, students whereby an SME becomes directly involved in the learning process and requires a project to be designed and implemented.


Curriulum validated, we had get a sample of students, which became after removing incomplete responses and outliers. This practice, which is common in early education pre-primary and, to a lesser extent, primaryis currently considered the best option, especially in some “referential” countries with successful educational systems such as Finland.

Wechsler, Revista portuguesa de Psicologia: Finally, e-learning platform www. Pacha-Olivenza 2M. This project focuses on digital normalizafo and peer assessment through the workshop activity on the virtual platform Moodle.

Pascual 7M. Results and Discussion normalizxdo The same sound proposal leads to the creation of multiple graphics. Innovations in higher education 2.

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A linear Implementation Model. Both sides of Vee diagram emphasise two aspects of interdependent science learning, namely the theory thinking vita practice doing The parts of Vee diagram represent the theory of constructivism in the acquisition of knowledge. Carmona 1M. It was well accepted by the pupils of different ages. Typical sludge bacteria assessment. During the and academic years, hereinafter called group A and group B respectively, the students were asked to perform an identical set of tasks, with the same grading rubric but with a different person responsible of performing the grading.

However, average WWTP operators typically lack the necessary skills not only to identify helpful and harmful bacteria or protozoa —each playing a specific role in the treatment process—, but often the basic skills to obtain quality image samples from a simple light microscope.

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A lot of important information can be extracted from the relationships among the members in our case, students of a social network. The sample took into account the equality of all teaching staff positions in UrFu: