About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Holiday Extra fatalities among women Effect on dependency ratio Farming and textiles. The pattern of uplift and subsidence associated with the Rann of Kutch earthquake is consistent with reactivation of such a fault. A city with a population of , in The city is in the region known as the Kutch region. Kachchh Mainland Fault Type:

The area was once India’s most visited region by tourists outside the central cities. The intraplate earthquake reached 7. RBI instructed banks to freeze recoveries and extend liberal loans. Indian doctors worked as a team with foreign health teams. Earthquake related other flows.

Retrieved 19 May Download ppt “Presented by – Abhishek R. On 26 Januaryan earthquake struck the Kutch district of Gujarat at 8.

Smritivana memorial park and museum dedicated to victims of the earthquake is being built on top of Bhujia Hill. A city with a population ofin The city is in the region known as the Kutch region.

case study on bhuj earthquake ppt

He could predict a pattern in the inflow of patients in disasters who start trickling in after the first 24 hrs and the flow becoming a deluge after 48 hrs and tapering off after nearly 7 days. Seismological Society of America. Introduction Key Terms — Budget — A financial plan for the use of money, personnel, and property. Other objectives included the revival of the economy, health support, and reconstruction of the community and social infrastructure.


If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America.

case study on bhuj earthquake ppt

Asian Disaster Reduction Center. Modify the Loss Aid — vital for poor people Insurance — more useful for people in richer communities or countries. We think you have liked this presentation.

case study on bhuj earthquake ppt

Telephone companies established emergency lines and free call facilities after few hours. Tertiary effects Affected As a result the money no longer exists to maintain the environment to the same standard.

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Considerable damage also occurred in Bhachau and Anjar with hundreds of villages flattened in Taluka of Anjar, Bhuj and Bhachau. No inventory of buildings Non-engineered buildings Land and buildings Stocks and flows Reconstruction costs Rs. The dead included 7, children years and 9, women.

Earthquake related other flows. Retrieved from ” https: Transportation facilities were extended for relief material abroad With free handling facilities to charter flights bringing in relief materials. Characteristics of Developing Nations.


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Presented by – Abhishek R. Dangi (DAM) MNIT, Jaipur – ppt download

The cost of carrying out a survey is often seen as unaffordable, whereas the future costs of planning infrastructure with inadequate information is never visible to the untrained eye. Gujaratis and residents of different states set up community kitchens. A sutdy committee headed by the Chief Secretary of the state administers earyhquake Fund. Published by Lambert Alexander Modified over 3 years ago.

During the break-up of Gondwana in the Jurassicthis area was affected by rifting with a roughly west—east trend.

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Came down to Rs. The purple spots represent this water.

The Gujarat earthquakealso known as the Bhuj earthquake, occurred on 26 January, India’s 52nd Republic Dayat The intraplate earthquake reached 7. The death toll in the Kutch region was 12, Earthquake zones of India Geology of the Himalaya. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.