We ensure that work deadlines are met. But overall there is rise in net NPA from to Hotel Management and Tourism. Chapter 2 Review of Literature 3. Private sector banks have not succeeded to reduce NPA as against the advances made over the years as both the ratios are increasing in later years. Capstone Project Ched Format Documents.

But in the year , the percentage of Sub Sub–Standard asset is highest among all the year. Students Race Go Karts Automobile Engineering Students learn the fundamentals of automobile engineering by building their own go karts. To be signed by the student Reg. Remember me on this computer. Eco Friendly Bikes Energy Students developed tons of eco friendly bike designs and raced them to establish whose designs were the most efficient and viable. Many of the bad debts were attributable to moral hazard:

Net NPA is obtained by deducting items like interest due but not recovered, part payment received and kept in suspense account from Gross NPA. Convocation Line 5 Click Here.

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After all the necessary changes have been done, the final capstone report can be downloaded in our Members Area. This is to certify that These reasons are the crucial for any bank at present. For instance, the interest margin applied by financial institutions will include a premium for the risk of nonperformance on granted loans. My journey was not too different. It is possible that average yield on loans and advances net default provisions and services costs do not exceed the average yield on safety securities because of the absence of risk and service cost.

capstone project report lpu

Hunar Se Rozgar Tak Cross-Discipline LPU in association with Union Ccapstone of Tourism have taken special training initiative for providing skill based training to youth belonging to weaker sections of the society.


Students Design Autonomous Rover Engineering LPU students have built an autonomous navigation robot having capability of obstacle avoidance and following pre-defined path given as GPS coordinates. Students successfully prepared unique preparations of Ayurveda and various herbal cosmetic preparations like curcumin gel, face pack and hand sanitizer. One crore and above and file criminal cases against willful defaulters. This finding also highlights the possible stronger disciplining role played by the capital market indicating a strong link between market for corporate control and efficiency of private enterprise assumed by property right hypothesis.

The RBI has issued guidelines to banks for classification of assets into four categories.

Capstone project report lpu

It is a voluntary system based on debtors and creditors agreement. This enables a onetime clearing of balance sheet of banks by sticky loans. Students worked to stabilize copter in flight by tuning PID controllers making it fully autonomous for various applications such acpstone remote surveillance etc. Then the seller promises a payment in the case of credit default for the reasons viz. Convocation Line 4 Click Here.

Final Capstone Report Arup Documents. In case of non-priority sector, the average advances made are The rear wheel of the cycle is replaced with a mechanical assemblage of links to idealize a walking object.

The Lok adalats institutions help banks to settle disputes involving accounts in doubtful and loss categories.

capstone project report lpu

For the recovery of NPAs a oroject framework has evolved for the management of NPAs under which several options are provided for debt recovery and restructuring. It is better to avoid NPAs at the market stage of credit consolidation by putting in place of rigorous and appropriate credit appraisal mechanisms.


It involved the help, support and contribution of several people.

Capstone project report lpu

Moreover, they do not have any side affect on the user skin. Lower deposit rates and higher lending rates repress savings and financial markets, which in turn hampers the economic growth of the country. The reference should be given at the end of the capstone in alphabetical order indicating: If the student has conducted his project elsewhere viz. Second, the higher cost efficiency accrual of private banks over nationalized banks indicate that nationalized banks, though old, do not reflect their learning experience in their cost minimizing behavior due to X-inefficiency factors arising from government ownership.

Both the factors were found to be insignificant, thus hypothesis stands rejected.

Capstone project projecg lpu. It has reduced by Aerodynamic Human Powered Vehicle Engineering Conceptialized and built by LPU students, the main objective of the vehicle was to achieve maximum speed, provide utmost comfort and safety to the riders, make it light weight and agile, with maximum stability even in worst conditions, and to produce the vehicle with affordable cost.