Their duties and responsibilities include the following, but not limited to: Categorize references as published and unpublished. Type the first line of an entry from the left but indent the succeeding lines by five letter spaces. Researching Information System and Computing. Faculty advisers should handle at most 7 group advisees at one term. Students do it in the final year of studies and it is their opportunity to demonstrate that they can indeed meet the levels of performance expected of an IT professional.

They should be numbered e. The proposed application developed to address specific systems need, the recommended infrastructure and manpower training to operationalize the use of the developed software application or technology if applicable iv. This should be available at all times for possible inspection by the adviser. The paper required must conform to the following requirements: The following are the procedures to follow on the conduct of oral defense: Duties and Responsibilities as the Adviser 1 Ensures that the study proposed by the students conforms to the standard of the College and has immediate or potential impact on the research thrust of the university. Page Numbering, Headers and Footers Do not include headers, footers or page numbers in your submission.

Research unique to IT will emerge from the practice of IT. We also recommend phone number Helvetica point and e-mail address Helvetica point. They should be numbered e. prject

Capstone Project Guidelines – University of Cebu CICS Portal

Place the table caption sideways also so that all parts can be conveniently read together. It includes conversion and integration plan, database installation, system testing, user training and other production activities.


capstone project guidelines ched

If there are special hardware e. The adviser is responsible for monitoring the students and ensuring that the approved project design and methodology are followed; appropriate data are gathered, analyzed and interpreted. The implications on other systems Like the abstract, executive summary normally should not include any reference to the literature.

capstone project guidelines ched

Pattern Recognition and Data Mining; k. Captions should be Times New Roman 9-point bold. Skip to main content. Moreover, the Capstone Project is a way of determining whether students are ready gukdelines graduate. Foundations of Computer Science a. For both Background of the Study and Project Context remember the following: If used, make it brief and centered in one page. The guidelines prescribed in this document are intended to establish uniformity and consistency on the format and organizational structure of the thesis and capstone projects in the Informatics and Computing Science department.

Usually it includes the phases and its sub-phase of the systems development life cycle. A review of related systems contains description of existing systems that are relevant to the proposed capstone project. Students are encouraged to produce innovative results, generate new knowledge or theories, or application areas.

Capstone Project Guidelines – University of Cebu CICS Portal

If color is essential to the content, all copies must contain original color presentations printed in the highest quality, permanent ink, or presented as photographic prints. All figures must be placed immediately after the page where a particular figure number is mentioned. Present and discuss only the system analysis and design tools that were actually used in the development of the project. Oversize Pages Sheets up to 8. Project Working Title Form which will then indicate the name of the appropriate adviser as decided by the team of advisers together with the proponents.


The right and left margins should be 1.

Introduction The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology BSIT program prepares students to be IT professionals, be well versed on application installation, operation, development, maintenance and administration, and familiar with hardware installation, operation, and maintenance. The title of parts, sections, or chapters and their principal subdivisions should be listed and must be worded exactly as they appear in the body of the document.

Preparation of Tables a. The main purpose of the oral defense is to scrutinize and examine the work of the students for its further improvement. The exact date, time and venue of defense will be posted on a designated bulletin board in the department. Approval Sheet may be routed too for their signatures if already amenable.

Internal technical reports may be cited only if they are easily accessible i. The project manager would then select 3 – 5 out of the 10 possible titles. An incomplete and improperly formatted gujdelines not be allowed for the oral defense. Describe guivelines game to the readers for them to understand how they will play the game.

This page is optional. This is a very special course in the BSIT program.