They interviewed national and local political leaders, met with corporate exec. Globally-focused cities such as Hyderabad and Kolkata have prospered in recent years, but with twice as many people still living in the countryside, politicians have not necessarily benefited when their constituents went to the polls. Summer vacation is probably the happiest period in a student’s life. We celebrated the harvest holiday Pongal at the Bay of Bengal; toured seventh-century temples in Mamallapuram ; and visited local schools, where many children are the first generation to read. Buy This Book in Print. Get the latest travel news, guides, travel ideas, special concepts of writing an essay ru essay offers, dissertation students amazing travel experiences and more from assembly sequence generation thesis the digital edition of Outlook Traveller Also see: I pray for my family and my life.

Domestic and foreign corporations have flocked to Gujarat because of the business-friendly environment Modi cultivated. Civil society organizations, Western constitutional democracy, and freedom of the press were adamantly discouraged. While many use diesel generators or small solar units, the vast majority still get power the old fashioned way—burning dried cow dung. But in the early s, having witnessed a decade of growth elsewhere in India not to mention in China , the communists began to court investment. Bicycling on Xian’s 14th-century wall Kristen Suokko. They have been able to make progress on some issues that are highly polarizing in national politics and that are maddeningly stalled at the federal level. I have rolled off my uncomfortable potato sack.

In the 7 hours I work before lunch, I make pots.

Top officials in the executive branch have to heed the voices of members of Congress on foreign policy issues, especially—though by no means exclusively—on economic and trade issues. The riots killed over a thousand, three out of four being Muslim. That document binds 35 states and territories into a unitary but federated polity.

With a population of million, it is larger than California, Texas, New York, and Florida combined. In early February last year, Wang Lijun, the police chief of the Chinese megacity Chongqing, drove miles through the night to seek refuge in the U.


So how do developments in Indian states and Antho,is provinces affect the actions of both countries on the world stage?

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Given the opacity built into the system, the more we know about what is happening in the provinces, the more we will understand the forces operating below the surface of the system. India is only slightly smaller, with 1.

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That has made him extremely popular within Bihar, leading to an easy reelection in Local governments have been given latitude to achieve that result by almost any means, as long as they keep political order brolkings at least appear to adhere to the overall guidelines from Beijing.

The authors are among the most respected and well-known experts on China and India. So is the very notion of pluralism—i. Banerjee is by all accounts personally ethical and committed to her job.

Here are my recos for doing Delhi right. These governors had priorities that were shaped at least as much by where they came from, and by the concerns of their constituents, as by their party affiliations.

That is roughly the population of Canada, packed into an inland territory roughly the size of South Carolina. Fewer than 30, people live in a city intended to hold a million residents.

Listen to Strobe Talbott on His Life, the World, and Everything now.

Which way will these giants go? Western diplomats must understand that a handshake in Beijing or New Delhi is often only the beginning of getting to a final deal. I pray for my family and my life. California Governor Jerry Brown, for one, is looking to China to see how its more advanced, coastal provinces are grappling with issues similar to those he deals with in Sacramento.

Lastly, western policymakers and corporate leaders need to adopt a more sophisticated and differentiated understanding of governance within China and India. At its best, that revolution is an attempt to meet the expectations and aspirations of a vast and diverse population. As a result, in some areas, local officials—like Bo Xilai—have been able to wield extraordinary power, while the central government ministries have been largely reduced to monitoring economic output and providing resources that the local leaders use to build roads, bridges and other key parts of the infrastructure.


This one province alone accounts for nearly 40 percent of all Chinese exports—more than all exports from Great Britain. So how do developments in Indian states and Chinese provinces affect the actions of both countries on the world stage? But adhering to a single doctrine imposed from above is becoming ever more difficult in the face of competing interests and priorities among the regions.

At lunch I quickly stuff a samosa into my mouth and run off to pray. However, for most Indian executives, their understanding of China is rooted largely in myths. My mother collects a lamb from the butcher and we cook it over the gas stove. While at Brookings, Antholis wrote numerous articles, essays and lectures, as well as two books.

That accomplishment helped him forge a coherent and reliable constituency of women from multiple castes. After three decades of blockbuster economic growth, Guangdong started to experiment with a more open political system.

Forging unum out of pluribus requires crafting compromises and forming coalitions. For almost every large Indian company, China has become mission critical as a market, a supplier, a source of low cost capital, a platform for global advantage, a partner, and a competitor.

bill antholis brookings essay

Many in India hope that he might head a national opposition coalition in parliamentary elections.