Conversion as the variable go ahead and change the Variable Description at the bottom to just Conversion. If you’ve worked with Aspen, you’ve probably done Sensitivity Runs. A water draw stream is required to remove the condensed steam from the overhead condenser. Percentage , and the Variable Name: Oh, and make sure the Spreadsheet is also not in Modal View push the little “pin”.

You may see one, as in my graph, or even two anamalous points. Add the assay data: Skip to main content. And where do we get to make our own calculations? Add the mole fraction for the inlet stream By: You will begin by building a simple column and continue by adding side operations to the column.

The built-in property packages in HYSYS provide accurate thermodynamic, physical and transport property predictions for hydrocarbon, non-hydrocarbon, petrochemical and chemical fluids. On the Variables Page, you should see three variables already defined.

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If you do not have such a file you may start from my version entitled ChemicalsEx. The tower is operated with the following conditions: The incoming gas is cooled in two stages—first by exchange with product Sales Gas in a gas-gas exchanger Gas-Gas and then in a propane chiller Chillerrepresented here by a Cooler operation. On the Reactions Page, you can see that the current Liquid Volume is ft 3 and that the current conversion in the reactor is However, condensers are usually located on the ground for easy access for maintenance.


Now, select the suitable fluid package Hysts you have established a component list, you combine the component list with a property package. What is the flow rate of? The reflux ratio and the distillate rate under the specified conditions.

Aspen hysys case aspen by: Csse Productivity 7 By: We will need two more variables: The database consists of an excess of components and apen fitted binary coefficients.

In this case, we want to maximize the total operating profit while achieving an RVP of Liquid Product less than Compressor duty in hp. Hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

aspen hysys v8 case study

For all pipes in this simulation, use the Estimate HTC method. Learning Objectives Once you have completed this module, you will be able to: Learning Objectives Once you have completed this section, you will be able to: On the Worksheet Page, you can see that currently the entire contents of the reactor are exiting via Reactor Prods Stdy Vent has zero flow at o F.

Typically located after the Desalter and the Crude Furnace, the Atmospheric Tower serves to distil the crude oil into several different cuts. Add a distillation tower: Inside the Condenser there is a pressure drop of 30 kPa, and leaves as saturated liquid at 45oC.

Aspen hysys v8 case study

The condenser and reboiler pressures are and psia, respectively. Use cold properties analysis to see the current Reid Vapor Pressure for the liquid product from the third separator: When you are finished, the page should look like it does below Note that the conversion, in red because it is a spreadsheet calculated value, is the same as we saw it on the Reactor’s Property View.


This is the reason that that is not the variable we really wanted to use. The de-ethanizer has the following specifications: Skip to main content. Now immediately, you should see we have a problem executing this plan.

aspen hysys v8 case study

The purpose is to find the LTS Low Temperature Separator temperature at which the hydrocarbon dew point target is met. The De-Methanizer reboiled absorber has the following specifications: The database consists of an excess of components and over fitted binary coefficients. The object of the exercise is to select the product specifications such that profit is maximized. In the vapor-compression system, the net power input is equal to the compressor power, since the expansion valve involves no power input or output.

You may also want to try a two dimensional case study, Coolant Duty vs.